My Thoughts on the Impending Invasion



My Thoughts on the Impending Invasion


There has been a focus on Mexico where these immigrants have set up camps while waiting to gain entry into the United States. US film crews have chronicled portions of their journey north in an attempt to understand who these people are, how they are being cared for and who is financing the movement of thousands of people from Central, South America and other countries, even from Africa.


US Media outlets have committed lots of air time showing footage of young men climbing and sitting on top of the wall. Other footage is of women, children and families searching for a better life. For the most part what is not being shown are the hundreds of young military age men in their midst.


Interviews of some of these men indicate that they are not interested in gaining asylum in the US, they say they want jobs, but in reality they simply want access to the United States where they can travel freely and do whatever they choose.


There are internationally organized groups funding and enabling these “caravans” north, with the intention of tearing down the national barriers (border walls) of every nation, to include the United States. These are globalist organizations and threaten the sovereignty of each nation they touch.


We are now hearing reports of localized violence and attacks on Mexican law enforcement officers in the towns where these “caravans” have set up camps. Mexican civilians are outraged and want these people to go back home, NOW! They want the violence to stop, so their town can return back to normal.


American politicians want everyone to think this immigration issue is not the problem. They want everyone to think that President Trump is the problem and that is not true.


Since the inauguration of President Trump on 20 January 2017 he has urged Congress to do their job and change the problem areas in our immigration laws through a comprehensive reform of immigration. Trump has urged Congress to fully fund our Southern border with a wall. Trump has urged Congress to fund and support law enforcement, our border patrol and our military.


Congress as a whole has done little about it. They complain about President Trump, his stance on border security and mock him as he implements by executive action stop gap measures to secure our border. Congress has said the wall is too costly, while funding aid for illegal aliens inside our nation.


Congress will now find out that temporary border security measures will cost far greater than a physical barrier wall. Moving US military personnel to various southern border ports of entry is seen as costly and a waste of resources. I submit that National Security is never a waste, but a necessity.


Our military train extensively for potential deployment overseas where we assist other nations in ridding various resistance forces and criminal elements so these nations can self-govern effectively. Why would we not do the same at home in the United States?


Our military forces are fully capable of securing our southern border, initially with reinforced razor wire and other detection equipment, but also in the actual construction of the wall. Yes contracts have been granted for contractors to build portions of the wall, but infuse those contractors with military engineer units and everyone wins.


How long would it take to complete construction of the southern border wall if President Trump would seal off ALL border access points and stop immigration until the wall has been completed? Think of the loss of revenue both north and south of the border? But think of the revenue being generated by US military dollars being infused into these US border towns during the construction phase.


Our military need this real-world mission which is very important to national security and I applaud President Trump on making the decision to commit Active, Reserve and National Guard forces to protecting the homeland.


Should the violence in Mexico continue or become worse, I would urge President Trump to declare Marshall Law along the border region from Texas to California and should troops become combatants engaging armed intruders, the region be declared a combat zone with clear Rules of Engagement.


I don’t understand how Congress can simply sit by and complain while aiding and abetting foreign actors in a War on Freedom, here in the United States. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “My Thoughts on the Impending Invasion

  1. Very well said. Congress has failed to act and now the only action to take is executive action. Unfortunately, Congress is focused on their hate of President Trump and refuse to address or heal the rift between both parties. Thanks for sharing this!


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