My Thoughts on Storming the Border



My thoughts on Storming the Border


Here we go again, another hot button issue, right? We should all thank Congress, the international agencies and the illegal immigrants themselves for this wild display of theatrics. It was a better watch than “The View” or just about any program on CNN over the weekend.


Seriously, it is insane to travel from your homeland, breaching several international borders, bypassing armies and police because you want to come to the United States. It is greatly compounded when you have no money, no papers, families or children (minor children) setting out on what seems to be a great adventure. It is pure nonsense for everyone who orchestrates or enables this hair-brained idea in the first place. It is also illegal and a really bad idea.


So we see pictures of women and small children running wildly away as US officials launch tear gas grenades at them. Other pictures are of women holding one hand over their mouth and the other over a child’s mouth. It is repeated over social media, the news and on radio that the US has attacked poor people with children travelled over 2,000 miles to seek asylum in the US. If that’s not bad enough prominent members of Congress lead the charge insisting these illegal immigrants be let into the country.


Does that about sum it up, or did I miss something?


A normal rational and logical person would begin asking questions. They would want to know why someone seeking asylum would not first seek it in a nearby country. Or why not go to the closest US Embassy or Consulate and apply for asylum?


And to “walk” 2,000 miles in a month, did that include hopping the train, riding a bus or on a semitrailer or truck? What did they do for food or sanitation (toilet breaks)? How about shelter enroute? More importantly what about personal safety, or the safety of their women and children? How did they know they were going in the right direction? When coming to an international border, who took the lead to rush the border? What were the hazards they faced?


So far none of this makes any sense. Unless you factor in the organizations who are anti-border that provided “volunteers” to gather the masses and herd them northward along an organized route. Plus you have representatives from the United Nations who are to insure they are treated fairly and humanely. And one must not forget those who provided the finances for procuring food, water and shelter (as it was) to accommodate more than 7,000 people in each caravan, then times it by the caravans who follow.


Mexican authorities did not deter these travelers, but ESCORTED them northward to the US border crossing at Tijuana. In fact the conditions they brought with them have been deplorable at best. Local residents live in fear as these “invaders” have disrupted the very existence of locals. They behave unlawfully, unruly and DEMAND better conditions, instead of working together to make their conditions better.


President Trump’s response has been firm. No unlawful crossings. No asylum processing for anyone who crosses illegally.  Trump has urged Mexico to hold in immigrants or deport them back to their home countries by any means necessary. US forces have been given authority to use deadly force if necessary to protect themselves and/or Customs and Border Patrol personnel. Congress has been challenged to fully fund the border wall.


So yesterday (Sunday 11-25-2018) migrants concentrated their efforts to rush the border and were met with tear gas and when it was over around 50 migrants were apprehended and will be prosecuted for unlawful entry into the United States. All foot and vehicle traffic was halted for a period of time as the border crossing was closed. President Trump has threatened to permanently close this crossing point until this crisis has been resolved.


It is important for the American public to understand that it is a criminal offense to aid and abet immigrants attempting to circumvent ignore immigration laws. Immigrants who do can be permanently banned from any future attempt at immigrating and US citizens can face prison or fines.


Instead of bantering back and forth about the inhumane treatment of immigrants, Americans should rally behind the President in securing the US Southern border against unlawful immigration. Failing to support President Trump doesn’t make you a racist. It just makes you ignorant and totally stupid!


If you want to bring immigrants into the United States, try sponsoring an immigrant family (at your own expense) until they have established themselves and are able to support themselves. You might help them to prepare for citizenship and insure they fully understand what assimilation is all about.


Immigration is not a “right” it is a privilege extended to some who apply. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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