Going Out With a Bang or Bust



Going Out With a Bang or Bust


Everyone likes to think they are the greatest. Cassius Clay evaded the draft by converting to Islam and changing his name to Mohammad Ali. He then hit the world of boxing with, “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee” and proclaimed to the world, “I am the greatest fighter of all time”. Mohammad Ali left at the top of his game and is fondly remembered for boxing skill.


After Watergate then President Richard Nixon proclaimed, “I am not a crook” as he raised his hands over his head then proceeded to board the Marine helicopter in front of the White House. Nixon a former naval officer during World War II simply went off to his ranch in California to live out his life shunned by the nation he so loved.


Even former President Barack Obama claimed to have “no scandals that affected his administration” while leaving the nation in ruins after Fanny Mae and Freddy Mack, Obamacare, Corporation bailouts, DACA and even Benghazi. Obama is the first former president to publicly tour the US and the world bashing his predecessor and sitting POTUS, President Donald Trump. His living legacy will be revealed when the so-called “Russian Collusion” investigation by Robert Mueller comes to a conclusion.


Senator John McCain left no doubt that he was a Vietnam POW war hero turned politician with two unsuccessful runs at the presidency, left as his legacy, “Trump will not give my eulogy”. It was a funeral never to be surpassed in the history of politics as it was a giant “Bash Trump” affair, and didn’t even need the president to attend. Such a waste and a disgrace.


But who can forget Hillary Clinton, former FLOTUS, Senator, Madam Secretary and twice beaten at her run for the presidency and her infamous book, “What Happened”, followed by the sequel, “What Happened 2”. She really thought she was the best woman for the job, and did everything in her power to insure her “ascension to the throne” of world power. The bright side is she beat Bernie Sanders, although it wasn’t fair or square. Is she still considering another run for the presidency in 2020?


Speaking of presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders his base supported him yet he still lost to Hillary Clinton and has not given up another run for the presidency, should he be the best man for the job of beating President Donald Trump in 2020.


I could go on and on with all the Democrat Party hopefuls who seem to think they are the powerhouse to beat President Trump in 2020. Even the shyster lawyer of the porn star is eying a run for the presidency. There are Senators and Congressmen and women, local politicians and retired military officers who each feel they are going to be the one to challenge and defeat the president.


Many of the politicians have had a good run in Washington, they have run their race and in all honesty it’s time to go back to their meager existence in their gated mansions and write their memoirs.


There are still a number of politicians who will have to “pay the piper” once the red tape of political corruption has been severed. They have committed crimes of note: treasonous, illegal money deals and even converting private and government property or funds into their own little financial windfall.


As I have written about many times, being qualified to be president is not the same as being president. When will these “Stars of the Democrat Party” realize that they are not the saviors’ of the United States or the world leader they think they are. They should prepare themselves to go out at the height of their popularity with a bang, before they end up with a bust.


Of the 45 POTUS since the nation’s founding in 1776 there has only been one in recent memory who didn’t run for fame or fortune, but for the love of our country. And although God Almighty has ordained who occupies the office of the presidency, many have failed to live up to that office. There have been outright liars, cheaters, gamblers and womanizing in the White House, giving notoriety to the “Lincoln Bedroom”. There has been only one with an understanding of and experience to close the deal in domestic and international foreign policy.


When things get rough, the tough usually fold their hand and leave the table, but with President Donald Trump failure may be achieved, but it is never an option to settle for. “It’s a very imperfect world, and you can’t always choose your friends. That’s life. But you can never fail to recognize your enemies.” – President Donald J. Trump – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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