Proud to be a Democrat?



Proud to be a Democrat?


To truly understand what it means to be a Democrat one must look at the definition according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.




dem·​o·​crat | \ˈde-mə-ˌkrat


  1. Definition of democrat 

1a: an adherent of democracy

b: one who practices social equality

2: capitalized: a member of the Democratic party of the U.S.


  1. Definition of Democrat

1: a person who believes in or supports democracy

2: a lifelong Democrat


By this definition a democrat adheres to democracy, practices social equality and is a member of the Democratic Party. Really not much to go on is there?


So let’s compare the definition against what we see in today’s main stream media, online and on social media.


Do we see Democrats adhering to or subverting democracy?

The answer is obvious Democrats go out of their way to subvert democracy.


Do we see Democrats practicing social equality or social inequality?

The answer again is obvious Democrats go out of their way practicing social inequality.


Do we see Democrats as members of the Democratic party of the U.S.?

The answer is a resounding NO they are not all members of the Democratic party but conduct themselves with liberal social tendencies and are beholding to no political party.


Did you know there is such a thing as a Liberal Democrat?


Liberal Democrat



Definition of Liberal Democrat 

:a member or supporter of a British political party that is known as the Liberal Democrats


So by this definition all of you liberal democrats must be BRITISH, right?

I thought we fought the British during the Revolutionary War already?


The last definition is that of Democratic Socialism where we get Social Democracy.


Social Democracy



Definition of social democracy 

1: a political movement advocating a gradual and peaceful transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means

2: a democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices


That is where we are today in 2018, we have those who call themselves Democrats but have no idea what it actually means to be one. Then we have those who take being a Democrat even further left to think like a British Liberal Democrat while pushing off Social Democracy as their overall goal to move capitalism over to socialism by democratic means, thus the welfare state with capitalism and socialism co-existing.


This leads to anarchy and chaos in nations around the world who have taken that step left. In a period of 10 years the nation of Venezuela went from being one of the richest nations in South America to the failed socialist state that it is today.


So I ask you are you proud to be a Democrat? Do you aspire to the notion that the purpose of government is to give you free stuff and take care of your personal needs?


Do you call that patriotism? I do not!


I find it difficult to believe that men, women, boys and girls fall for the trap of socialism, thinking that it’s a grander state of social media. It’s especially hard for military veterans and retirees to follow that same path, where many have seen firsthand the pitfalls of socialism.


This nation was founded on the principle that ALL men are created equal by their creator. Not by any political party or by getting loads of free stuff. This nation was founded on freedom and freedom isn’t free.


When you line up behind the talking heads in Washington who trash our country and our president, his family and all that he stands for, you are trashing YOU! The statement you give to the world is “LOOK AT ME I’M TOTALLY CLUELESS!” The Democrat Party has systematically manipulated class and racial separation in the United States. They have enticed by bribery the very folks who suffer the greatest under their control.


It is time to walk away from the Democrat Party and get behind someone who is working hard to make your life better by raising your standard of living and making the United States a more secure and safer place to live and raise your family.


If you are an immigrant who has come here to work and live you must abide by the laws of this country and become part of the American Dream (not just a dreamer).


And if you are a political leader in your community or state or a member of Congress you must stop the political bickering and begin to think like a patriot who will not stand idly by while the fabric of this nation is torn asunder.


It is your duty and mine to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic and obey the orders of the President of the United States and those appointed over us. Stand for what is right. Defend the defenseless. Care for the poor. Honor each other and to trust in Almighty God. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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