The Circus Comes to Town Again




The Circus Comes To Town Again


What I see in the 2019 all-star Democrat Party lineup in both the House and the Senate is more like a circus comes to town again. I’m sure that in their minds Pelosi, Waters, Booker, Schumer and the “new kids” see themselves as Congressional Super Stars. They are so caught up in themselves and their focus on destroying the sitting president that they fail accomplish anything worthwhile for their constituents back home.


In so many ways they have become geographically separated from their home districts and fail to see solutions to the issues that affect real Americans. There are turf wars where gangs are fighting gangs and the legislation spewing from Congress simply ties the hands of law enforcement. Law abiding citizens are threatened not only by the gangs, but by threats of “gun control” from Democrats in Congress. Attempts at enforcement of US laws come under direct attack by those same Congressional Democrats.


Historically there has been a real struggle within Congress where Democrats have stood on the side of lawlessness and chaos. In many cases when there are riots and looting, it is because of the action or inaction of Congressional Democrats. They are quick to blame the President, Republicans and even the American people, rather than themselves.


Gun control is not the only issue. Immigration has been a huge problem over the years because of poorly written law, and even unconstitutional executive action by a Democrat President. Rather than recognizing it for what it is and fixing DACA it is Democrat leadership in the Congress that stands in the way of real immigration reform. On the House side there are problems just getting to the table. On the Senate side it can pass, but must be matched up with both House and Senate versions in order to go to the President for signature. So what is holding things up – Democrat resistance!


American citizens are being snookered. Congressional Democrats are playing a shell game. They move the shells around and in reality there are is not a pea under them.


There is a concerted effort at gaining willing acceptance for law breakers by American voters who are considered less than second class citizens. Rioting, looting, unlawful entry is equally bad for the welfare of Americans and the bully efforts of certain legislators who have made public service a career at the expense of taxpayers must stop.


There are clear cases for term limits in Congress, but the irony is that they must be self-imposed. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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