Bliss – the 51st State

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mike Pence




Bliss – the 51st State


While out and about today I couldn’t help but overhear those well-meaning but misguided souls who provide their friends with their own interpretation of the Trump-Pelosi-Schumer meeting yesterday in the White House.


The masses I listened to who feel they are in the know proclaimed that Trump is going to shut down the government every Christmas and should launch missiles at Canada as a fix all to US immigration problems. I call these people ignorant and misguided who are living in the self-imposed state of Bliss, our new 51st state, with a flag of safe spaces and the constitution of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), whereby all residents can go to the “state” capitol to pick up their personal safety pin lapel emblem.


I watched the televised exchange and read the after words of the esteemed incoming House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as they publically launched verbal attacks at President Trump. Things they were not willing to tell publically in the meeting.


From what I saw the President lavishly praised the bi-partisan efforts in recently passed bills to help with prison reform and one that helps farmers. He thanked them for their efforts. He then went on to identify talks about the wall as a major point of disagreement among them. He went so far as to provide statistics of the effectiveness of portions of the wall in California, Arizona and Texas where reinforcement/new wall construction have been over 90% effective, yet conceding that the unfinished portions are still being overran.


Things got a bit heated as voiced became elevated, yet controlled simply because of the television cameras and reporters in the room. Schumer began casting blame on the president for not heading the 20 calls to get him to accept the same bill (unchanged) that he rejected last year. Pelosi said keeping the government open trumped funding an ineffective wall that didn’t work anyway. She called the shutdown a #TrumpShutdown and the president called her on it. She wanted to debate in private (no cameras).


Trump charged that he would only accept a bill that included fully funding the wall for $5B, all or nothing. He said the last time Schumer shutdown the government it didn’t work anyway, but said he would absolutely shutdown the government unless he got what he wanted “one way or another”. He didn’t waffle or waiver on his demands but said what he wanted and would settle for nothing less.


Schumer said, “Elections have consequences Mr. President” and Trump responded, “Yes they do, and that’s why the economy is doing so well.”


As far as the meeting it was a bust for the Democrats, who expected the president to fold. He did not, but placed the blame on Congressional Democrats who continue to block the president’s legislative agenda. It would not surprise me if the president called for a special session of Congress and kept them in session until the right border security bill reaches his desk for signature, even if it means legislators have a “White Christmas” in Washington. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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