Border Security Order versus Disorder



Border Security Order versus Disorder


Imagine going on a long voyage to a far away and distant land where everything is an unknown to you. You plan everything out so that this trip will be successful. You obtain brochures detailing the many wonders you may encounter along the way. You want to know if the climate is hot or cold so that you will pack the right clothes. Will you be walking along the beach or in the mountains? Will you need sandals, slippers, flip flops or hiking boots you want to be comfortable?


How do you begin the next phase? Do you locate a travel agency? Look it up online? Ask a friend who recently returned from a similar excursion? Or do you ascertain the costs associated with this trip and begin saving up? There are so many variables.


Several times in my own life I have gotten on an airplane with nothing more than my bags and a document telling me where I am supposed to go. I have had barely more than a few dollars in my pocket and no idea where I’m going to end up along the way. Usually I need a valid passport and on occasion a visa along with my airline ticket and/or travel authorization. On the day of departure I head to the airport and check in at the airline counter.


Gone are the days before 9/11 when travel was made simple. Now its check in, obtain a boarding pass and head for the TSA security inspection. After verifying my picture identification and boarding pass I’m ushered through the security scan and baggage check. Assuming I’m not found to be a security risk I’m cleared to wait in the waiting area until it’s time to board the flight.


When it’s time to board the aircraft once again I’m showing my boarding pass and/or photo identification or passport (when required). Then it’s onto the plane by boarding class and/or seat assignments. Once my seat has been located I store my carryon baggage in the overhead storage or under my seat before settling down in my seat, fasten my seat belt and wait for the doors to close and the aircraft backed away from the terminal.


Usually the taxiing is out to the runway and takeoff is fairly quick. The aircraft races down the runway and lifts softly into the air and silently up into the clouds and we’re officially airborne.


Depending upon the destination it could take from a few hours to 10 hours or more. Often there are at least one airplane change enroute. Changing planes is similar to the initial boarding process once the plane touches down and pulls up to the terminal. Waiting is often to offload people retrieving their overhead luggage and line up to exit the aircraft and into the terminal, looking for the departure gate for the next leg of the trip.


Sometimes it’s a mad dash to the other end of the terminal. Finding the proper gate, it becomes a waiting game for check in, then waiting to load. Once the loading is announced the same procedure is used to get back on the next flight. The process is repeated until reaching the destination.


If the destination is another country there are customs and entry papers to complete before the plane lands. Once inside the terminal there is usually a passport control section, a baggage claim area, then a customs point before looking for contact people or transportation to a previously selected hotel.


When on vacation its best to contract a reputable company with a tour guide who knows the area. The guide can insure the trip is relaxing, comfortable and that timetables are met and suitable activities occur without fear or discomfort. At the end of the trip the same procedures are followed to insure that you are back on the aircraft and headed back home.


Returning to the US is often uneventful. Passport, customs declaration and picture ID are checked, bags inspected (if deemed necessary), before catching connecting flights and returning back home. Long overseas flights and extended stays are often taxing due to the time zones and flight times, many times in excess of 27 hours or more (one way).


Now for a quiz: How do you think the trip would have gone (if at all) had you went to the travel agency demanding that you fly for free, or that they pay you to go on the trip? It is likely that you would never have gotten past the agent’s desk without being asked to leave.


Or what if you had gotten to the airport and at check in you demanded to be placed in first class with only a coach ticket? Chances are you would not have even gotten on the airplane.


But assuming you made it to a foreign country and you walked up to the passport control and bucked the line (went around everyone) to the front of the line and demanded to be allowed in? What if you lost your passport enroute? Chances are you would be taken to a holding cell and after extensive grilling by local authorities, either locked up indefinitely or boarded on a return flight back home (if you’re lucky).


So why do you think anyone with any common sense would come to a US embassy or consulate and demand to be let in to the US or be paid$50,000 per person to go home? Who would put that kind of insane idea into the heads of immigrants traveling through Mexico? And why is there media reporters and photographers accompanying these migrants in their quest for publicity?


US immigration law states that an immigrant who assists another immigrant to gain unlawful entry into the US is violating the law, as is the immigrant who gains unlawful entry. They both can be permanently banned from gaining lawful immigration status in the future. The law also says that a US citizen who helps an immigrant skirt around US immigration laws can be prosecuted as well.


What is even more disturbing is when US legislators publicly criticize enforcement of US laws and encourage unlawful entry or resist or block improving or increasing border security instead of going into a session of Congress and re-write/correct erroneous immigration laws.


Anyone who thinks border security is not necessary or that a physical wall is wasteful of taxpayer funds, while willingly funding illegal immigrants who have unlawfully breached the sovereignty of the United States should simply resign their elected office and go back home in disgrace.


It is time that American’s speak up and take action through the ballot box, recall petitions and other constitutional means to return national security as a top priority in the United States. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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