Moving Forward with Reckless Abandon

Moving Forward With Reckless Abandon


While going to the store the day after Christmas we came to a light that changed from green to yellow and then red. We were in the left turn lane and witnessed the most bazaar incident where two kids crossing traffic were within inches of being hit by two cars that ran through the red light completely oblivious to the danger of their actions of moving forward with reckless abandon and it was a miracle that neither child was hit.


Normal reactions range from alarm, relief, dismay and anger (not necessarily in that order), before trying to pin the blame on the drivers for running the red light, or the children who pushed their bikes across the intersection. Who’s at fault?


In the mindset of today (2018) some would say it was the parents fault, because they should have had eyes on their children at all times. Others would blame the auto manufacturers for making cars that could be driven over the posted speed limit. A few would blame the bicycle makers because they made the bikes to attract kids. I’m sure someone would blame the city because the light changed to red (a hindrance to the drivers).


To all I ask, what would you do? Would you roll down the window and yell at the kids? Would you follow the drivers and attempt to get license numbers? Or would you even care?


Politics of today is much like that incident at the intersection. One side is clambering for the wall, the other side is wailing against a stupid wall and some are going about their business and don’t care one way or the other.


Is it futile to argue over the wall, because after all what is the purpose of the wall? Do we complain when we go to a ballgame? They have walls to contain the players and insure the playing field is clear of obstructions. Visitors are seated in the bleachers, behind a wall that separates them from the players to insure their safety. There is a manned entrance where one often pays for and receives a ticket to gain admission. Is there a big fuss when someone tries to gain entrance without a ticket?


What happens when you go to the mall? Can you gain access without going through one of the sets of doors? What happens if the doors are locked and the mall is preparing to shut down for the night? Are there demonstrators demanding entrance because they can?


Let’s discuss border security. What is the purpose of having a closed border, with access points where everyone crossing into or departing from are checked for proper identification and documentation that authorizes them to cross? Prior to the events of 9/11/2001 many countries simply required picture identification for citizens to gain access to certain countries.


For those of us who travel we understand that security is a major concern and US immigration laws require everyone who enters or exits the USA must have a picture ID and a valid passport. We also understand that everyone who enters the USA must proceed through the TSA checkpoint where personal items are checked and everyone receives a body scan.


For those physically crossing the Southern and Northern borders of the US the rules are a bit different in that vehicles are scanned and passengers have their passports checked, and occasionally a detailed inspection is conducted searching for unauthorized passengers, drugs or weapons.


There are serious problems along the Southern border with Mexico. Inadequate or non-existent security fencing, paneling or wall paneling allows for the often times unrestricted access of individuals who possess not identification or documentation to gain entry.


Whether you agree or disagree with having a border wall is irrelevant. It is the responsibility of the Government of the United States of America to secure our borders and to keep our citizens and visitors safe. Building an adequately reinforced border wall is vital to the national security of our nation.


Those who are ill-advised misinformed or simply against a secure border because it has been requested by the President of the United States are prime examples of a people moving forward with reckless abandon. Just like the intersection the consequences of doing nothing are far outweighed by the benefits of building a wall which will reduce or eliminate the flow of illegal drugs coming across the border as well as bring illegal immigration and human trafficking to a halt.


Immigration is not a democrat or a republican “thing” it is vital for the national security of our Constitutional-Republic. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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