Constitutionalism versus Legalism



Constitutionalism versus Legalism


Do you ever wonder why Republicans and Conservatives hang everything on the Constitution, yet Democrats and Liberals hang everything on the Law, well sort of?


Time and time again we see President Trump use the powers of the Executive Office, backed up by the Constitution to right a wrong or to protect the citizens of the United States, only to have Democrats or a Liberal Justice of a federal court strike it down, or block the EO from going into effect. Is that crazy or what?


When Trump questions an area that needs to be addressed, he notifies the Legislative leadership and provides detailed problem areas that need to be fixed. Doing this in a public setting, with cameras rolling and journalists in abundance everyone is all smiles as they tippy toe around the bramble bush, waiting for the room to be cleared so that they can get down to the real wheeling and dealing in private, so much for transparency.


While the president tweets, “We had a good meeting” shortly after the meeting has concluded and almost before the doors are unlocked the main stream media has released an in depth article telling all the nasty things the president “allegedly” said.


The first thing the Democrats do is head outside to the press and tell American citizens and the world how they are going to stop the president in his tracks and prevent him from getting his way. They even throw in a “presidential tantrum” or two to emphasize their point.


Take the recent resignation of Defense Secretary Mattis. The White House announced that the Secretary was going to resign effective February 2019 and as the President thanked the Secretary for his honorable and faithful service, the media had published the entire letter online. So President Trump decides to make the resignation official on 1 January 2019 and the speculation blows up.


I’m just surprised that a judicial ruling didn’t spring up saying the President couldn’t do that? After all when Trump blocked an adversarial Twitter follower, there came a court decree that he couldn’t. When Trump had Jim Acosta removed from the White House Press Room, pulled his credentials and had him escorted off the premises, a judicial decree demanded Acosta be reinstated and his credentials returned.


When President Trump issued an Executive Order stemming the flow of immigrants from select countries and geographical areas, as is his power to do, a judicial decree soon popped up blocking it from taking effect.


Conversely when in 2012 President Obama got tired of waiting for Congress to act he issued his unconstitutional Executive Order on DACA and there was no outrage or judicial decree blocking it. Yet in 2017 when President Trump instructed Congress to fix DACA or it would expire naturally and not be renewed. Everyone pitched a fit and a judicial decree soon appeared.


Democrats attempting everything from allowing illegal immigration to gun control and confiscation complain that except for the Constitution they would have already succeeded. They offer “bribes” to low income and minorities in exchange for Democrat votes, but do not hesitate to belittle and shame anyone who dares to stand up against them by calling them stupid, racist and anti-American.


Republicans on the other hand stand on the Constitution as the basis for protecting citizen’s rights against a tyrannical government. They encourage everyone to become familiar with the Constitution and with the Bible which was the basis of its standards. Everyone is encouraged to work hard, save for their retirement and vote according to their personal values and common sense and are called Americans.


Don’t let the insane rantings from the left or the right because you to cause you to do what is wrong because they say it is right. Think about it. – I am The Real Truckmaster!


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