Politics a Game of Compromise



Politics a Game of Compromise


Here we are just 22 months before the presidential election of 2020 where a host of presidential hopefuls have thrown their hats in the ring as prospective candidates and guess what the fault lies entirely at the feet of President Donald J. Trump. Can you believe it?


It’s true, the 2016 presidential campaign forever changed the course of politics in America. While all the GOP candidates jockeyed into position as the most favorable the unthinkable happened. The most unlikely and unlikable non-political candidate emerged in a cross-over bid for the presidency.


Successful businessman and television star of “The Apprentice” Donald J. Trump came down the spiral staircase at Trump Tower and announced to the world his candidacy for the GOP nomination. It was virtually unheard of in modern day politics. Not since Abraham Lincoln a self-taught backwoods lawyer announced his run for President of the United States. One thing I’m certain of is that Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton smiled.


The GOP was stunned, shocked and in total disbelief. They went through the stages of grief all in a few short days while trying to conjure up a way to stop this madness. Everyone knew that Trump had a snowballs chance in Hades of becoming president, no less securing the nomination. After all there were 16 – 18 GOP candidates who were smooth politicians with absolute name recognition who were better qualified to be president.


On the DNC side of the political coin were basically two candidates and HDRC was a shoe in to procure the nomination and become the history making first woman president. It would make two historical statements in one when William J. Clinton became the “First Man” (FMOTUS) and what statements they would make in the White House (again). Because they knew Trump in social circles and as a DNC contributor of several Democratic candidates I’ll bet the Clintons were ROTFL.


It’s a well-known fact that many politicians are litigators who are schooled in the “Art of the Compromise”. They take a hypothetical oath to defend their client and truth is an obstacle to be overcome any way possible. I’m sure there are thousands of books on dealing with the rule of law and many politicians begin at the county attorney or at a state’s attorney general level before progressing to governor, representative or senator and leap frogging into the office of the presidency. That’s a path that many modern day politicians choose. A politician must see all possible legal outcomes and choose what is best for their client, even if the client is in fact guilty. Many a hardened criminal has been turned loose when defended by a seasoned and experienced attorney. Politicians and those who are attorneys cannot be surprised by the unexpected and just being good at checkers doesn’t count.


A strategist must look at all the angles, weigh all the possibilities and decide if the risk of winning outweighs the risks of losing. If the odds are not in his favor he doesn’t make the move. This is critical in the world of business. Taking risks is an occupational hazard and failure is not an option.


During the 2016 campaign cycle there were two possible outcomes for Donald J. Trump. He would be shut down rather quickly because he was NOT a politician. The second option was unthinkable to many, but he could win. Anyone who truly knows Trump would know that he doesn’t bet on losing. Trump has tasted defeat many times in business and in his marriages but learned not to make a move unless it’s to win.


There’s a side to Donald Trump that one does not know about unless you are close. Trump loves his family and his children are examples of his parenting skills.


Trump loves his country and knows that there are better days ahead for the nation, but the wrong leadership style hinders it.


Trump loves God and has been a faithfully religious person his entire life, much like many Americans. It is this love for God that brought him into the campaign and propelled him into the White House. American’s find it hard to believe and many “Christians” do not accept Trump as one of their own. It may be because these are “church playing Christians” who are not comfortable in their own relationship with God.


Trump’s relationship with God began long before he became a presidential candidate. In fact it is because of his relationship that God chose him for such a time as this. Trump had been considering the presidency and what he would do as early as the mid-1980s, but didn’t feel that the time was right until the Spirit of God began prompting him as early as 2012-2013 time period. What Trump did was reach out to someone he knew was spiritually grounded in the Word of God and sought prayerful advice.


Trump knows about compromise as one can attest to by reading his book, “The Art of the Deal”. What he also knows is that one does not compromise or cut corners through shoddy workmanship or inferior materials. His one guiding principle is a biblical principle of honoring your family name. Do your very best by placing your mark of approval on it. It’s like buying a pair of jeans and seeing a slip in the pocket “inspected by #12). You know someone has quality control checked this product and found it passed the inspection. How best to honor the Trump name but to put it on what you build “Trump Tower” is a prime example. Yet people think it is just bragging or tooting one’s own horn. It is simply his way of saying I built this and it’s good because it’s by Trump.


While politics is a world of compromise it takes an outsider to straddle the swamp of compromise and begin to pull the plug so it will drain. That is a campaign promise many feel has come back to haunt him, but I say different, it is precisely why he was elected. Trump is by no means perfect, but by submitting himself to the Spirit of God AND being obedient to God’s plan for his life all things are possible with God.


We are told to be diligent and to use Godly discernment in all that we do, hear and see to insure it lines up with God’s Word. If it does not we are to run away and have nothing to do with it. As Christians there can be no compromise with the worldly things that are contrary to God’s Word.


Love him or hate him one must look at his actions as selfish and self-centered and for personal gain or the loving selfless acts for America and for the people who make it what it is today. I see the level and nature of attacks are demonic and stem from across the political spectrum by those claiming to be doing the will of God. I don’t doubt their claim. If he has called Trump to the presidency, God does not fight against himself and those that say different have been deceived by the prince of darkness. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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