Dirty Dozen or Blue Dog RINOS?



Dirty Dozen or Blue Dog RINOS?


It’s now an established fact that one dozen RINOS have turned tail and ran into the arms of Senate Dems and gave Senate Minority Speaker Chuck Schumer a big fat kiss and a fond embrace while extending the finger to President Donald Trump. While this may be an exaggeration on my part it’s entirely what is seen as treasonous by a vast majority of the American people. So let’s examine this a bit closer.


It’s true that the Dirty Dozen Senators Paul Rand (KY), Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Lee (UT), Mitt Romney (UT), Lamar Alexander (TN), Pat Toomey (PA), Jerry Moran (KS), Rob Portman (OH), Roger Wicker (MS) and Marco Rubio (FL) turned their backs on President Trump and the US Constitution.


Also true that the Bakers Dozen in the House, the 13 Blue Dog RINOS who fled into the arms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi giving her a huge high five and flipping off President Donald Trump.


These are the Bakers Dozen Representatives Justin Amash (MI), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Mike Gallagher (WI), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA), Will Hurd (TX), Dusty Johnson (SD), Thomas Massie (KY), Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA), Francis Rooney (FL), Jim Sensenbrenner (WI), Elise Stefanik (NY), Fred Upton (MI) and Greg Walden (OR) also succumbed to the political peer pressure to turn their backs on the American people and the US Constitution.


Be it also noted that in the House there were 5 Representatives who did not vote for or against the House measure against President Trump’s Emergency Declaration.


I’ve heard one Senator’s perspective on why he voted against the declaration and he feels the president should not be allowed an end run around congress. That may be his reasoning, but I submit that it is why the President has the Constitutional authority to issues an Emergency Declaration, in particularly when Congress REFUSES to act to a recognized National Emergency crisis such as what’s happening with orchestrated and organized attacks at our national sovereignty and the safety of the citizens and visitors in this country.


When will this political bickering cease? When will the Congress of the United States throw aside political posturing and get to the business of legislating safety and genuine concern for the American people? Or was this just a power struggle over the purse strings so that President Donald Trump cannot divert funds toward “Building the Wall”? So what happens when President Trump VETOS HJ Res 41? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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