Constitutional or Unconstitutional That Is The Question?



Constitutional or Unconstitutional That Is The Question?


Have you read the Declaration of Independence?


What about the Constitution of the United States?


What we keep hearing from the House, the Senate and the President are accusations of constitutionality of various decisions relating to foreign policy, national security and immigration.


Just a lot of finger pointing or is it more than that?


Who’s at fault? Senate Republicans says it’s the Democrats. House Democrats say it’s the Republicans. The President says it’s the Dems. All the Dems say it’s the President. I’m no brain surgeon (Dr. Ben Carson is) and I’m no astronaut (John Glenn was) and I’m surely no expert on politicians, but it seems to me that our entire government has been corrupted over time.


I venture to say that first and foremost we have a top heavy congress, who pride themselves on who is the longest serving “public servant” among them, like it’s a badge of honor or something, a career maybe?


Whatever happened to the “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” kind of thinking?

(Go watch the old Jimmy Stewart movie).


We have Senators and Representatives in the House who are older than dirt and accuse President Trump of being unable to perform the duties of the presidency? Ridiculous! Some of those faces look like they’ve used a bottle as more than a prop to keep their heads up. They speak with the authority of those who were given it by Abraham Lincoln himself.


There are Republicans who decry Democrats as some sort of abnormality in Congress, and Democrats who say the same thing about Republicans. Yet there are those on both sides of the isle who are united in declaring implied deficiencies as truths about the President.


When I took another look at our founding documents (Declaration of Independence and Constitution) I found no mention of either Democrats or Republicans? Strange those documents only referred to Citizens (The rights of Citizens to vote shall not be infringed upon)?


It’s obvious that the purpose of the Constitution was to limit the powers of government.  So it’s implied that for government to be of the people, by the people and for the people our elected officials must be FROM the people right?


All elected officials swear by an oath to honor the office and to protect and defend the Constitution and generally the oath asks Almighty God to help them to do just that. It’s a serious oath for a serious elected position in government.


There can be no allegiance to any other government or foreign power.


Members of the Legislative Branch are charged with creating public laws in accordance with the Constitution of the United States (the law of the land). How can they be effective if they don’t know or care what the Constitution says? How can they represent the people if they don’t know, haven’t read or understand the Declaration of Independence on which our nation was created?


In order for a law to be legal it must first be Constitutional. If a law is unconstitutional it is illegal. It must be repealed or brought into conformity with the Constitution.


The Executive Branch is charged with enforcing the law of the land and protecting the Constitution. The chief executor (President) determines and declares US foreign policy and it should ultimately reflect the best interests of American Citizens and American interests abroad. When his decisions are inconsistent with the Constitution, it is unconstitutional and must be repealed or brought into conformity with the Constitution.


The Judicial Branch has the responsibility empowered in the Supreme Court to determine whether a law or executive decision complies with the Constitution. All judicial decisions rest on whether or not there has been a violation of the Constitution. Their decisions are final, unless or until the Constitution has been properly modified or amended.


So rather than rely on anyone’s interpretation of what is or is not constitutional delve into what is actually written in the Constitution. Educate yourself by going to and read the Constitution which sets the balance of power for our government.


I am tired of all the political bantering, posturing and bashing of Americans by Americans, and especially when it comes to the President of the United States (regardless of political party or personality). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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