Using Every Tool in the Toolbox

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Using Every Tool in the Toolbox


Have you ever visited the home of a home builder or a general contractor? What you find will amaze you. There could be saws, hammers and all sorts of tools for a host of specialties. Maybe even a bucket lift, a cement mixer or a sawzall. Builders are by nature creative. They have done it all and still have the tools to prove it. The really good ones have some of the really good tools too. They surround themselves with guys who can individually do a host of specialty skills like electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry work. They know what it takes to bring the job up to code.


Leaders are a lot like builders. They too surround themselves with guys who know how to get things done. They know a job worth doing is done right the first time. Leaders just have a different toolbox to choose from. There are guys who are right for a certain phase in the creation or development of a specific job like a guy with a certain skill set. One person can size up a business, a department or a specific job and has a working knowledge of how to turn things around or tune it up. However it may take an entirely different person to take it to the next level. A good leader knows when to step up his game and bring in the right person and at the right time.


Isn’t it funny how people are always quick to criticize something they know absolutely nothing about? They are the ones who can tell you how things ought to be done, but have no experience in doing what they are telling you what they think you should do. Does that make sense?


Military leaders are another breed altogether. Their toolbox is full of knuckleheads, sometimes fresh out of basic or advanced training schools. They are the privates who are eager to please. They answer as they’ve been taught to say “”Yes Sergeant”, “No Sergeant”, or “I don’t know Sergeant”. Once they’ve been in the unit a while it becomes “Why me?” or “Can’t you get someone else?” and they get lax or lazy. It takes a good leader to come in and turn things around and get them re-focused and back on track.


The same thing is true with the President. A new president will come into office and disrupt things by bringing in new blood or in his case a new Administration. His transition team has worked closely with him to insure the right people go into the right jobs. Often it’s a combination of former military personnel going into positions dealing with the military or foreign affairs. Looking at things from the outside it may look like some of the people are simply rich people going into positions without any rhyme or reason. Yet everyone’s quick to give their assessment of the situation they have no experience with.


When there is a shakeup or a change in cabinet level leaders or in the White House staff the media goes crazy with all kinds of evaluations and public criticism as to why the change is being made. Personality clash with the President; disgruntled former insider tossed out in the cold without any reason; the President picked the wrong guy or gal for the job.


It never occurs to those naysayers that the President is just pulling another tool out of his vast toolbox. Sometimes you need a screwdriver and other times you need a sledgehammer. It’s been said that you can’t remake a first impression.


I can honestly say that I’ve never been President of the United States. I have however 20 years’ experience as a military leader. It is essential to come into a job knowing what the mission is for both the unit and your section. You must size up the situation, determine if you have the right men and women to get the job and the mission accomplished properly. Sometimes you have to adjust by rearranging or reassigning personnel to new or differing duties. Other times you remove people and bring in new ones. Never have had a previous section leader come back to criticize how you are handling the section. That’s why you don’t normally hear a former President criticize the current President over how his administration is leading the United States domestically or in foreign affairs.


I venture to say that if we as a people would keep our noses to the grindstone, focused on OUR best interests and doing what is best for ourselves and our families we wouldn’t be concerned as to whether or not our President is doing his job the way WE think it should be done. After all we have no dog in that fight, do we?


If we listen to all the political banter it usually comes from politicians sewing discord and discontent in an effort to gain enough votes so that they can go in and mess things up for all of us. Gone are the days when we can see our economy growing and on the world stage other nations are seeing strong leadership coming from the White House yet hear nothing but politicians telling us how messed up we are for backing such a leader as President Trump.


Let me leave you with this thought. This successful builder and entertainer has done in such a short time while putting up with the egocentrically challenged political left because this President has both a vision for America and the knowledge and experience to make it a reality.


As we approach the Presidential Election cycle for 2020 all the political bantering I hear coming from the left is simply talk with no substance. We have failed politicians who are currently in Congress and have been for some time without making a case for themselves that is backed up with any substance, yet they want us to believe that they have all the answers? Once a politician always a politician, kissing babies and making them cry by promising them the moon and what they have no intention of delivering.


I urge you to Vote for America! Don’t vote political party, we are better than that! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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