Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt



Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt


In this day and age there are things that easily trouble me. Daylight savings time – why cut off the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom and call it longer, that sort of thing. Planned Parenthood worried about saving the lives of children through gun control – need I say more?


What really causes me concern is NOT whether or not anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russia or anyone trying to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Trump was like an unlikely family nag winning the Kentucky Derby (Sorry Gary Helberg). He came into the race with a huge disadvantage and did everything he could to convince people to vote for him and obtain enough Electoral College delegates to with the election. That’s why it’s called campaigning.


It is how George Soros a known foreign billionaire pours his money into vast resources that influence world economies and is suspected by many (me too) to be nothing more than an international and domestic terrorist, has assets in the United States and is wanted around the world, but is invited to sit with then President Barack Obama in the White House residence in 2016 just before the US election, but that is not called colluding with a foreign power? Oh no problem, colluding is not a crime right?


Why is George Soros not in prison? That’s what worries me!


If money talks and Soros has lots of it and a huge percentage of it comes from the treasury of the United States laundered through a variety of resources and agencies or dummy corporations and non-profits. Maybe the way to attack this kind of cancer is to change the laws? Or rather enforce existing laws such as RICO and others which say it is illegal to pour huge sums of money into political campaigns by private parties (individuals) and/or corporations.


It has been reported that George Soros is at least one of the powers behind the massive influx of immigrant invasions of the Unites States Southern Border with Mexico.


So why not follow the money? Is it because Soros is a foreign national? Does he pay US taxes on money he receives from the US government? It is conceivable that Soros has US legislators on his payroll?


In hindsight I have wondered how a black man from Hawaii was appointed to a state Senate seat in Illinois, elected to US Senator from Illinois and rose to become President of the United States in less than 10-15 years. After 8 years in the Senate and another 8 years in the Executive Office I believe the ultimate goal of Barack Hussain Obama has been the Secretary of the United Nations which is conveniently located in New York City, not far from the Obama Household Estate and within spitting distance of the White House. And how is it that his power radiates to today’s current events in Chicago?


That in my opinion is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Soros – Obama connection needs immediate attention by the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice to restore confidence and trust throughout the American justice system. Take the blinders off Lady Liberty! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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