Transparency and Ignorance Are Just Words



Transparency and Ignorance Are Just Words


In 2009 when Barack Obama became president he promised that his administration would be the most transparent government in history and in a speech given by the new president Obama said that it wasn’t cool to not know what you’re talking about. In 8 years of the Obama presidency there have been two words that have defined his presidency “Transparency” and “Ignorance”. One would think that transparency and ignorance simply ended when Trump became president? Not so, in fact those two words define the new Democratic Party right down to its shoes.


When Obama became a senator he also became a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. I’m sure he redefined and gave purpose to a little known racist organization in the Congress of the United States. The CBC went under the radar as a sort of black gentlemen’s club in early 2000 to what it has become today the driving force behind the Democratic Party, overshadowing the DNC leadership as well as compelling the Democratic Speaker in the House and the Senate Minority Leader to continue down the failed path of Democratic Socialistic tendencies.


One need only focus on the pressing needs identified by the House oversight committees to determine that the biggest threat to the United States isn’t Russia, China or Iran. It’s not the immigration crisis along the US Southern border with Mexico or the US economy. It’s definitely not about putting Americans back to work or our failed US education system or healthcare in America.


Turn on any of the main stream media outlets. Watch late night television or day time talk shows or look at the print media headlines or social media and the biggest threat to the United States of America isn’t the threat of a global thermal nuclear war with North Korea.


According to the manufactured and democratically controlled headlines America’s biggest threat is the Constitution of the United States which prevents democrats from implementing their anti-American agenda AND President Donald J. Trump (who they still claim is not their president). Hate and jealousy are two very powerful things which drive common sense out of every conversation.


When Barack Obama got frustrated with Congress’s snail’s pace for getting things done (he’d been in the Senate for 8 years) he made a decision that if the Constitution did not prohibit him from doing something, he would just do it. After all he had a pen and wasn’t afraid to use it. That is how DACA came about. It was an illegal executive order authorizing illegal aliens to come into the United States, no questions asked. The same Congress that had been slow to act did not even protest this usurping of authority by the President.


One of the first things President Trump said he would do was rescind DACA and after calling into the White House the Congressional Leadership and challenging them to fix DACA correctly, through legislation and he would sign it they failed to act. Rather than use the authority of the Constitution to create legislation they chose to resist any and all presidential actions to fix DACA or close loopholes in immigration that made DACA possible in the first place. This resistance has continued for more than 2 years and has made the 116th Congress the laughing stalk around the world.


The transparency and ignorance of the Obama administration have been replaced by an openly transparent Trump administration and ignorance is being replaced by proven and knowledgeable men and women who specialize in fixing what has been wrong in government – apathy toward ordinary Americans. It doesn’t matter what political party you choose to belong to, unless you willingly choose to throw out common sense and restrict American ingenuity which have built this nation into that shining city upon a hill that the entire world knows and respects. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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