Perceptions Altered Reality



Perceptions Altered Reality


What do you think of when asked about drugs in relation to South America – Cartels, Cocaine, Marijuana to name a few? How good are you at geography? Name the country you consider to be the drug capital in that region – Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela?


Do you remember what journalism used to be like? Is it now a thing of the past or in the internet age has blogging turned reporters and journalists into nothing more than opinion editorialists? Have journalists simply lowered their standards? It is important to know and recognize when someone is playing fast and loose with the truth. If you base your decisions on someone else’s manufactured version of the truth there is plenty of room for error.


The hot button topic of immigration produces the latest talking points as we near the 2020 presidential election in the United States. We are told that it’s a sin to stop refugees who are fleeing persecution. We are also told that it’s racist to keep people out of our country based on national origin. If you believe all the hype (that’s exactly what it is) on the subject of immigration we are told that walls don’t work and everyone has the right to the American dream.


Have you ever stopped to think that controlled immigration is a national priority and a necessity for national security and every country in the world controls migration and for the same reasons – safety, security and national sovereignty? It is illegal to enter most countries without proper documentation. Although the penalties vary, violators are deported and in certain instances banned from re-entry or imprisoned for life.


Recently I watched a program on cable television that was about immigration and drug smuggling from a single airport in the capitol city of Columbia. What I saw reminded me of what journalism used to be like in the United States. With cameras rolling and narrated in English it was easy to see that a properly implemented immigration program can be very effective in catching illegal activity in a strictly controlled environment. There were no political editorials about why the system worked or failed or who was at fault. It was simply a documentary showing how people were often caught up in the game of smuggling contraband and the consequences they faced.


We have the same immigration and smuggling issues here in the United States and the more controlled the environment the more effective are the tools employed by Department of Homeland Security officials and agents.


We are led to believe that our immigration system is broken and everything is falling apart. We are also led to believe that it is entirely the fault of one man – President Donald Trump. That is an entirely false narrative.


What we do know is there are problems along the US Southern border with Mexico. Those problems have not been adequately addressed by the legislative body of Congress, or by previous administrations. There are a number of underlying reasons and the most obvious can be found if one only “follows the money”. Drugs, people and money smuggling have always been a lucrative enterprise and those who benefit from it are not willing or wanting to bring it to an end. The old adage that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” rings true here.

Politicians from inside the beltway are either powerless or entirely clueless as to how to effectively bring about productive change. They know how to make promises and re-election is always their primary concern. Real change must come from outside political circles.


When Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008 he promised change like you’ve never seen before. It was on that platform of change he delivered what the nation or the world had ever seen. Looking back we can see that the only real change was the level of corruption, manipulation and showmanship never openly displayed even within the inner circles of Washington.


There was the Affordable Care Act, which was neither affordable nor caring. There was the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which in itself was an unconstitutional misuse of power by the president with many of its intended recipients was not even children. More change came about in the form of increased welfare (more free stuff). American’s were encouraged to purchase homes, automobiles and other items they were not even able to pay for (Fannie May – Freddie Mac, Cash for Clunkers) to name a few. More change on the world scale occurred with selling uranium to Russia, giving planeloads of cash to Iran and the infamous World Apology Tour of Barack Obama and we must not forget Benghazi.


The press and media outlets were all party to the deception of America by keeping much of these debacles low keyed and out of public focus. This truly altered the perception of reality for many Americans who simply lived their entire lives in the same community settings.


Whether you like or hate Donald Trump is irrelevant. What you must consider is do you hate corruption in government more than you hate the manufactured image of a man who has done more in his short 2 years in office to change the direction and focus of America or are you satisfied with the status quo? Do you want things to just continue or are you hungry for real change?


The problem in America is not simply with a corrupt government. It is with a people so educationally misled in public and private schools and institutions where they are given readily available mind altering drugs and medication making them unable or unwilling to make educated guesses or reasoning decisions. Americans have become mentally neutered, not knowing whether they are male or female macho or sissified and perceiving themselves as video game heroes.


It is time we as a nation wake up to the fact that we are all created equal in the sight of Almighty God, having the same inalienable rights as the next guy. It is our responsibility to leave the world a better place than when we got here. You are either the solution or the problem. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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