Congress is Politically Constipated



Congress is Politically Constipated


I turned on my television briefly this morning and decided that politics as usual was not what I wanted to hear first thing. As I began to press the off button I heard the commentator say that congress was politically constipated. What a refreshing thought about the democratically controlled House and the republican controlled Senate having had no substantial bowel movement in well over 2 years since the election of President Trump. At times there seems to be movement in congress but it’s simply a self-induced enema as one more democrat has a sudden burst of energy and feels that he or she alone should be the next president of the United States. What may be needed is a huge bottle of hot sauce spoon fed to each and every member of congress.


There are so many issues on the table, immigration, border security, economy, trade, tariffs, natural disasters, earthquakes, fires and so much more yet in spite of it all the political constipation of congress is mind boggling. There is only one thing that seems to unite the far left with the far right and that is summed up in one word “Trump”.


The president tells congress to fix immigration and rather than take action, the democratic talking heads go to the nearest press briefing to chastise the president on tearing children out of the arms of refugees seeking asylum. The president issues an executive order and a judge from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issues an order blocking the presidential executive order.


On Twitter when Donald Trump blocks a follower, they run to the court to sue for access to post on his Twitter feed. A judge issues a court order preventing Donald Trump from blocking anyone on his Twitter account. Insanity runs amok, that’s what it has become.


No matter the context when the president acts presidentially the congress acts childish and demands Trump’s tax records to what end? Do they want to know how many millions of dollars he paid the IRS over the past 5 years or longer? What do they expect to learn, how to hire an accountant?


The president asks for $5B to fund the wall and congress stalls and says the wall is stupid and it’s cheaper to pay $4B a year to pay for illegal immigrant expenses while they are in the US illegally pending their court hearing. The president issues guidance that those seeking refugee status must wait until after their court date before being allowed into the US to see a judge and a 9th Circuit Court Judge issues a court order countermanding the presidential order. Congressional democrats suggest that the president must create jobs in other countries so that their citizens will not want to come to the USA – Insane politics.


American voters must take a huge dose of Milk of Magnesia and wait for overnight relief while the incompetent politicians are flushed out of congress like you would empty a toilet. Then rather than fill up the congress with more incompetent mindless politicians, maybe elect mature American citizens who are not so easily taken in by the perks of public service.


The 116th Congress has a lot of new faces as freshmen legislators from all walks of life have taken their seats and are flexing their newfound political muscles. Some of these newbies should sit, watch and wait for their time to shine otherwise they will be left standing there with political egg on their faces. There is no room in congress for hair-brained, clueless politicians or those who have become experts simply because they have been elected to public service. Many of the old-timers, you know the political matriarchs and patriarchs will soon tire of the efforts of these new kids on their block and will make the newbies lives miserable and nobody wants that.


The 2020 election cycle is flushing (pun intended) some of the oddest rubbish one could imagine out of congress. Everyone is a clown. Everyone has ideas about what everyone else ought to do. Some want to legitimize every thought or imagination while de-legalizing or making the Rule of Law illegal. When presidential candidates fight each other over the rights of women to abort and declare everyone who disagrees with their slanted views as racists or worse there will be no way that current Democratic Party politics can foster the support needed to win a presidential election next year. The fervor and pace of the swamp draining is revealing some very telling skeletons in some very private closets in Washington.


Yesterday I heard an interesting poll result showing that Bernie is #2 in the Democratic Party race for 2020 following closely behind Joe Biden who has not officially thrown his hat in the ring yet and following closely behind Bernie is the failed Georgia governor candidate who also has not officially entered the race? Bernie in the front running against to “not yet” candidates, how interesting is that?

The other candidates are like spaghetti that has been thrown against the wall and the pieces still hanging are the ones in the race.


Remember in 2016 on the Republican side there were 16 or 17 well qualified political candidates running before Trump swept in for the nomination and the presidency. The 2020 Democratic field is like a baker’s dozen of hopefuls who are qualified, just not well qualified and many couldn’t lead a horse to water if they were standing knee deep in it. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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