Reparations versus Repatriations

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Reparations versus Repatriations


Here’s a little food for thought it appears that Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has introduced a reparations commission bill in the Senate. This is a bill aimed at having the heirs of those who profited from slavery pay a yet undetermined amount of funds to the heirs of those who were slaves. It sounds straight forward doesn’t it? If your family or business profited from slavery, you must pay those whose family members were used as slaves from before the nation existed up until slavery was abolished or until slaves were indeed freed or some pre-determined cutoff date.


Immediately one thinks of the hundreds and thousands of black Africans who were taken from their homeland and transported around the world and onto the North American continent by those dirty slave traders and slave ships with inadequate facilities for transporting cattle, let alone human beings.


Senator Booker is a member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus that restricts membership to members of congress based upon their skin color or national origin. One must be black to be a member of the CBC and they have a number of committees dealing with African nations and people, as well as with those of African descent. The CBC is really good at telling others how to be, act and do without so much as a second thought about the racism of their own organization and their own members.


This is the definition of Reparation

  • the making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged: “the courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim”
  • the action of repairing something: “the old hall was pulled down to avoid the cost of reparation”


My question is what will this accomplish or how will this make anything right? How can one make amends for a wrong done by an ancestor? You can’t. How can you make a sincere apology for anyone else? You can’t. Who makes the determination that enough is enough? Not even possible, the bible tells us that greed is never satisfied. I see there are those who think of this as winning the lottery. They will get all of this money coming to them and they’ve already spent it in their minds, big cars, fancy jewelry, a big house and lots of things.


Let us look back at what is not being said, there were many hundreds and thousands of white Europeans and yellow Asians who were brought to North America specifically to work in the mines, railroad and as household servants. These are people of color other than black (in fact black is not a color, but the absence of color). The word used by Latin and Spanish speakers to describe these dark people was Negro (Black). That was how they were described up until the early 1970’s when the word Negro was no longer acceptable and they insisted on being called Black (A fruitless argument if you take it at face value).


As political correctness began to take over everything Negro and Black were no longer acceptable and everyone began hyphenating their ethnic or national origin as African-American became the only acceptable term.


Today in America everyone is a hyphenated-American and those who disagree with you politically are Racist-Americans (still hyphenated). Political Correctness is a divider in any society it gains a foothold.

Even in the women’s movement when a woman marries she may hyphenate her maiden-married name to show equal-ness with men? This political correctness is still a divider.


I want to put forth something that will help those who are unhappily living in the United States and constantly feeling disenfranchised from a society that they feel is not welcoming of them due to their national identity or ethnicity.


Let me introduce the word Repatriation which is the return of someone to their own country: “the voluntary repatriation of the disenfranchised or the unwelcomed”.


We who are Americans are here by birth and/or by choice. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, life is NOT a box of chocolates. We are each given a life and it is up to us whether we make it a good life or not. It is our responsibility to become productive members of society or failing that go somewhere that we feel we can become productive members.


The Constitution of the United States of America is the Rule of Law and is based upon biblical principles. When followed properly the Constitution enables all members of our society to live peacefully one with another. There will always be those who feel the need to test the societal boundaries to the extent that they will be forced to endure the consequences of their actions.


The Constitution does not endorse nor establish political parties and not all political parties are equal. If your party of choice promotes lawlessness or riotous living and flaunts living outside or above the law you might reconsider that choice. If your party of choice endorses and requires following the Rule of Law as it is defined by the Constitution you have made the right choice. There is no place in society for social bullying, intimidation or threats of violence. Anyone remember Rodney King’s plea “Can’t we all just get along”?


In the words of President Donald J. Trump – “It’s a very imperfect world, and you can’t always choose your friends. That’s life. But you can never fail to recognize your enemies.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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