Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen



Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen


Have you dined out at one of those fine dining establishments? Have you ever peered into the kitchen? If so what did you see, lots of people performing a variety of tasks related to meal creation, preparation and kitchen cleanup. There may be bakers, pie makers, pasta guys and specialty cooks, but there is only one chief cook and bottle washer and he’s the Head Chef. Every morsel must pass HIS test and made to his standard or it doesn’t get served.


The same thing is true on a job, there are workers doing specific skills and always there is a supervisor or shift leader making sure the work gets done. Usually there is a quality control team insuring products meet company standards. There may be a project manager or an overall superintendent or shop foreman. Ultimately there is an owner, corporate executive or board of directors looking at the bottom line. Nothing gets past them.


So what about government? How is the US government similar or dis-similar to a normal bottom line corporation? Because there are so many moving parts the government is a top down organization. At the top is the Executive Branch (President) with the constitutional duty and authority to set and administer government policy both domestically and internationally. The President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, appoints the heads of various cabinet officers and allocates funding to various agencies, which fall under this authority. The Legislative Branch (Congress) who set through legislation the laws according to the Rule of Law (Constitution) and they determine projects or agencies for taxpayer funding, protects the rights of its citizens and ensures national security. The Judicial Branch where the Supreme Court settles legal disputes by determining whether they follow the Rule of Law or not and issues final decisions pertaining to the case before it.


The US government is a Constitutional-Republic where the Constitution is the Rule of Law. It is the government’s primary responsibility is by the people, for the people and to the people and not the other way around. What we see in Congress today is basically too many chefs’ caps and not enough knowledgeable cooks so if you can’t cook – Get out of the kitchen! There are 535 members of Congress (435 in the House, 100 in the Senate) and every member of Congress who is not actively legislating to make America safe, secure and prosperous is acting like a “fake” Chef – All Hat and no gravy!


It’s hard to place the blame on members of Congress when they fail to represent the voters who sent them to Capitol Hill. They run for Congress for a variety of reasons, promising the moon and beyond but unless they are actively shooting for the moon they fail the voters who they claim to represent.


Fool me once, it’s on me; fool me twice it’s on you, right? Well what about those members of Congress who bought into a Congressional retirement plan and feel it is their duty to stay until retirement? For those who have been in office past 2 terms I ask what have you done for our country? Have you made live better or safer? Have you approved much needed infrastructure projects that benefit the nation, or have you simply pushed the pork for your state? Are you personally wealthier now than you were before you first took office? Is your motto one of America First? Have you kept in touch with your constituents? Do you even remember their names? Or are you simply another one of those Congressional Homestead Rangers who’ve set their sights on higher political office and this was just one of those stepping stones.


I’m not the answer man by any means, but it’s important to remember where you came from and how you got to where you are? If you were to go “undercover” back in your home state or district and into the job you had before being elected could you still do the job?


Patriotism is not about any political office or rung on the ladder, it’s about putting the country ahead of yourself and doing everything within your power (and then some) to insure that the United States of America is better because you served in elected office. It’s about being honest in all that you do and benefitting everyone by putting your politics in action.


Putting the welfare of the nation does not mean making the nation a welfare state! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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