Triggering Not With A Weapon



Triggering Not With A Weapon


Recently Freshman Rep. Ilhan Abdullah Omar (D-MN) said of 9/11 it was only “some people doing something”. Which triggered a response from President Trump that included a video of the Twin Towers on 9/11/01 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump’s tweed put Rep. Omar’s life in jeopardy as she began receiving death threats. Omar’s statement came across as anti-American and called into question her loyalty toward the USA. Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently claimed that people should stop posting photos of 9/11 because they are triggers, You Think? By now you would think that everyone knows for every action there is an opposite yet sometimes unequal reaction which we call consequences and one of them may be called triggers.


So let’s talk about triggers.


During my youthful days there was a cowboy named Roy Rogers with a horse named “Trigger”. The horse was later stuffed and put on displayed in the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in California where it remained until the museum closed a few years ago and I couldn’t tell you where Trigger is today.


When Donald Trump announced he was running for President of the United States people thought it was a publicity stunt. It was soon very apparent that Trump would beat all odds to take the GOP nomination and the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton was upstaged and from that point on the name Trump became a trigger. So much so that every word, tweet, catch phrase or abbreviation uttered by the President triggered a complete snowflake meltdown that continues even today with the never-Trumpers.


Out of that meltdown the word “snowflake” became a trigger identifiable by grown adults using diaper pins to identify with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), grabbing a box of tissues and going to their safe place all because President Trump won the election.


So then TDS became  a trigger identifiable by liberal Dems in Congress and throughout the nation.


Candidate Trump said he was going to “Build the Wall” which immediately became a trigger because it represents a blocking illegal immigration into the USA. Just saying the words causes liberals and Dems alike to have another meltdown. What does the Wall really represent to normal thinking American’s across the nation – National Security!


Candidate Trump also campaigned on “Draining the Swamp” which caused an untold number of politicians, lobbyists and other financial backers to become unhinged (TDS). Nobody knew there was a swamp, but since then we’ve see some pretty strange things happened with politicians and in Washington DC. What does the Swamp really represent – Corruption in Government!


The President rescued three young American athletic, who were caught stealing sunglasses from several shops near their hotel, from an untold number of years in a Chinese jail. The father of one of the boys who was traveling with the athletes in China said it was no big deal.


This was shortly after the inauguration in 2017, Do you think Trump will get a thank you?” asked the President. The thieves apologized and almost immediately recanted saying they were made to apologize in order to stay in school. The media made it into a big deal out of nothing. To this day I’ve never heard one sincere apology by anyone to the President for stepping in and bringing home. It simply became a trigger for the media.


Another incident began with Colin Kapernick kneeling rather than standing for the National Anthem at an NFL Football game. The President responded that anyone who doesn’t stand or respect the anthem or the flag should be fired from the NFL. That was a trigger which NFL teams and the NFL chose to side with the players. The media decided to stop broadcasting the National Anthem prior to NFL games. Kneeling became the trigger which spread this disrespectful behavior all the way down into local schools across the nation. Some on the US Olympic Team refused to stand for the US National Anthem as they knelt in solidarity with Colin Kapernick, a fact that Kapernick triggered all by himself.


Candidate Trump reported that Trump campaign offices in Trump Tower had been wiretapped illegally by the Obama DOJ and that also became a trigger.


Recent triggers are the red M.A.G.A. (Make America Great Again) hats that the President made famous and available during the rallies and continue being sold online and in stores today. The Dems and the leftists want you to believe that MAGA hats are the equivalent of the KKK hoods (MAGA is the new KKK) which is laughable.


How would afraid would you be if in an eatery with your friends enjoying a burger and fries. A group of guys with their red MAGA hats on backwards, pulled down covering their faces and posing a serious threat? How would that look anyway?


The real threat is having liberal leftists beating, punching or throwing food on the person wearing the MAGA hat, then snatching the hat and walking away laughing.


Using the Second Amendment as a pretense for nullifying the right to bear arms from the Constitution is also a trigger, one that brings out Constitutionalists and Patriots alike in defense of the Bill of Rights. To be offended is a choice. To use being offended as is a trigger and then acting upon it against another is also a choice. What I find is the best use of a trigger is the one on a firearm that sends a projectile downrange toward the target. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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