My Fellow Americans I Have Not Jumped Off the Deep End



My Fellow Americans I Have Not Jumped Off the Deep End


For my friends (and some of you who don’t even know me) but may be wondering about my fascination with politics. It’s not become I’ve become overly politically charged but have absolutely no patients with many of the utterly stupid sayings coming out of the mouths of my fellow Americans.


I was never an American History buff in school. In fact I didn’t know anything about life outside of my home state of Idaho. Nor was I into geography either. I didn’t know where in the world was a place I’d heard about in the mid-late 1960s called South East Asia. I soon learned where it was and I had the opportunity to go there in early 1968 but that’s another story.


I live now in Colorado and since my untimely retirement I have plenty of time to ponder over things like politics, geography and to a small degree blogging (that’s online writing) which I do a fair amount of.


Politics have become flooded with what would appear to be some of the most brain-dead individuals to walk the face of the earth. It is the nature of man to survive. We spend our entire lives trying to figure out how to eat what we want, drink what we can and breath as much and as long as possible. Like I said it’s in our nature to survive.


We see ourselves as the exception to the rule and think we are invincible and will live forever. Our women run to the beauty salon where they are made beautiful. I’ve got news for you gals, it ain’t happening! Even with all that day cream, night cream, facial cream, sun block, skin block and whatever else kind of blockers they come up with no amount of plastering (pampering) is going to enhance mother nature.


The guys have that macho stuff all nailed up too. We can chop wood, hunt and fish and build ourselves our own little man cave. We don’t need to read instructions, WE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS. We’re so macho that we can shoot the cap off a little green lizard at 40 paces without even aiming. Rambo has nothing on us. Plus we have all the boy toys you could ever ask for. We drive a big F-5000+ or a C-5500+ with a huge HEMI that pulls our boat, camper, skidoos or ATVs and the wife’s VW Bug ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Let’s face it guys we ARE all that and a bag of chips.


So why do we fail most everything? You know we’re afraid to stand for and suck at singing the National Anthem or saluting the Flag. We’re so bad that our wife has to drag us to church on Sunday’s providing the Broncos, Rams, 49ers or some other team isn’t playing.


As parents we can’t spank our kids, teach them that boys and girls are different – REALLY? Boys can’t be cowboys. Girls can’t be Barbie. Instead of 2 genders (male and female) there are now around 15? I think not there are 2 genders and over 13 mental illnesses being tolerated as genders. Everybody gets a participation trophy for life and when you grow up there’s all that free stuff waiting for you.


How did we get to this point on the planet? Abortion isn’t murder; terminal illness is reason for assisted suicide; killing is the fault of guns; cars are not driven but guided by A.I. and Climate Change is the world’s biggest problem, you’ve got to be kidding me, right? Mankind must have a propensity for being super stupid.


Before I fall off my high horse (the mechanical one at the local supermarket) let me clue you in on something that may be really new to you and your neighbors.


  1. There is but one God, and his son is Jesus.
  2. There are 10 Commandments, they are not suggestions.
  3. Boys are boys.
  4. Girls are girls.
  5. Good is good.
  6. Bad is bad.
  7. Compromise leads to disaster.
  8. Ford owners are Republicans.
  9. Chevy owners are Democrats.
  10. There are no other options.


There is right and there is wrong even in politics. If it seems right in your eyes, but wrong in the eyes of God it is wrong. Don’t buy into the political hype you see on TV or on the Internet. It is either good for everyone or not good for anyone! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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