Lefties Have Rights Too Unless You’re a Democrat



Lefties Have Rights Too Unless You’re a Democrat


Many years ago my mom sent me a special coffee mug with a soldier polishing his boots and over the picture was “Lefties Have Rights Too”. Being the eldest of 4 boys I was the only one who was left-handed and she wanted me to feel the love…… I did until someone on the night cleaning detail knocked my cup off my desk. I sure miss that cup and I miss mom as she has been gone for almost 3 ½ years now.


What really ticks me off in today’s political climate is that the Progressive-Socialistic-Left Leaning Democrats have totally screwed up what it truly means to be left. It was once acceptable for one to be left while still being right, but not anymore.


Today’s Democratic Leftists are anti-EVERYTHING that makes sense. There is now an active movement to kill babies in the womb and even after birth; murder has become simply a post-term abortion; parents are forbidden to discipline their child; parents are not refer to the child by their gender but let the child decide if he/she/it wants a gender identity; parents are not supposed to even change a baby’s diaper without permission (maybe it will soon require written permission).


Today children go to school not to learn but to be indoctrinated with social-political nonsense. They are taught sexual education classes which provide visual aids and slides on differing sexual preferences and parental permission is forbidden. They are told to be tolerant of all religions, yet forbidden to present anything citing the Christian religion or to mention God or Jesus Christ at school. Textbooks cite that socialism is the way of the future in America, while touting that capitalism is completely wrong.


Students who make it through the public education system are sent off to colleges and universities where their indoctrination process continues and a wide range of hate groups and domestic terroristic factions have unlimited access to campuses where religions of the world are cultivated.


It has become the way of the left to be far-politically left to the point of calling for the destruction and removal of various religious and historical signs, banners and figures (statues) from public and private squares. There is a movement for the overthrow of the government by any means necessary. Political figures are encouraged to conduct seminars and rallies on campus, yet conservative views are not allowed.


The new socialist left has become one of everything’s free.  No tuition for liberal students; food, housing, medical, phones and injection sites where druggies can obtain free needles are all on the table. It’s no wonder that political parties today have nothing to offer in the real world. I see no plan of action for how to make anything better. It’s all about tearing down all that is deemed offensive to the left, while ignoring dissenting opinions. Political candidates on the left offer nothing of hope only a future if regression into something resembling South American dictatorial regimes where threats and intimidation rule.


Nothing is left but the right to leave the left to become morally right. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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