Trust Me I’m a Democrat!



Trust me I’m a Democrat!


You’ve heard it before, “Trust Me”! Taxes will be the new left.


What if I told you that I could provide a better life for you?

  • You’ll have 3 hot’s and a cot, no worries and everything will be just fine.
  • You won’t have bills to pay, food to buy, not even rent or a lease to worry about.
  • Want to go to school and get a degree? No problem and it’ll be free.
  • But you say you’ll need a phone? Not a problem, and yes – It’ll be free!


I’ll even throw in some extra benefits.

  • I’m going to do away with ALL petroleum-based products. Everything made out of plastics, rubber and silicone. It’ll be gone.
  • Think of saving planet earth one plastic bag at a time.
  • No plastic straws, cups, plates, forks, spoons or knifes.
  • No rubber-made products either.
  • We don’t need any stinking tires.
  • We won’t even need cars, trucks or buses. Think of all the pollution we’ll eliminate.
  • We’ll need to stop the use of fossil fuels like coal.
  • We need to save trees so we won’t have any more construction of new houses. We’ll have to stop burning wood in fireplaces because it causes pollution.
  • We’ll do away with air travel and trains.
  • There will be no automobiles, trucks or other means of conveyance because they all cause pollution.


There will be a slight need to increase or create new taxes to pay for this free stuff. Don’t worry about the job losses because they will be necessary. Corporations pay too little and keep too much for upper management salaries, so we’ll definitely have to increase taxes.

  • We’ll tax water coming out of the facet.
  • We’ll tax sidewalks because walking or running causes unnecessary wear and tear.
  • We’ll tax the air we breathe because everyone knows that air is a precious yet necessary commodity.
  • We’ll have to create a tax on humanity. This will cover the cost of having people milling around.


Under this new utopia the government will fix everything. Remember not to worry. Just trust me and everything will be alright. There will be no wars or rumors of wars because this is a single global government.


Yes life will be great and the best part is everything is free.

  • I’ll even give you free money for life, ok?
  • Sex is free.
  • Food is free.
  • Clothes are free.
  • Learning is free.
  • Love is free.
  • Free means Free.


This is complete, unequivally socialism at its finest and it’s all free. Choose and vote for me and it’s all free. You don’t have to worry about conservatism or republicans or anything because it’ll be so free that it will even be trump free. That’s right no Donald J. Trump in this utopian free world. Trust me I’m a Democrat! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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