DOJ Investigations Are Not Reality TV



DOJ Investigations Are Not Reality TV


Prior to the Mueller Investigation of President Trump I can’t remember when a federal investigation became a reality television show? In hindsight it becomes clear that the Obama administration’s weaponizing of government agencies and combining them with continuously “leaked to the press” information was an illegal political stunt designed to erode confidence in the office of the President and President Donald Trump.


Take the secret tarmac meeting of former President Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch which was broadcast on cable news programs. The cover story was they talked about their grandkids. It was much more than that as Hillary Clinton was under investigation over her private email server and the mess with classified emails.


Did you not wonder why Barack Obama, the DOJ and especially members of the Congress would turn an arrest or shooting of an actual bad guy into a racially divisive incident and Barack Obama and the DOJ came out publically in front of media cameras on the side of the offender?


It now makes perfect sense that the Mueller Investigation from its inception was a huge sham. It was a political stunt that made a mockery of the office of the Special Counsel and the office of the President, but our entire form of government and the fact that it was on all the major media outlets, in the papers and on the internet desensitized the American public to what was going on.


The recent ongoing sham of the House Oversight Committee publically calling out and attempting to shame President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr and do a repeat of the Mueller Investigation on live TV is an outrage.


It is time the office of the Attorney General AND the Department of Justice get away from the prying eyes of the media and do their job of investigating criminal wrongdoing, building their case to be presented in a court of law and holding people responsible for their actions.


There will be investigations in the future that must be conducted outside the media so that allegations are investigated, facts gathered and those found guilty of criminal wrongdoing are held accountable for their actions.


All attempts by the media to utilize “leakers” must be stopped and all parties who violate the sacred trust of their office, employment or the law must be promptly prosecuted.


Reality is not a show! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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