The Problem with Democratic Capitalism




The Problem with Democratic Capitalism


Many others have written pros and cons of capitalism as it pertains with our country and its relationship with the world order but I’d like to make a case for the single most problem with capitalism – Greed.


The US is a perfect example of what capitalism brings to a society. Take entrepreneurs who take a vision, an idea and bring it to life. It takes more than that, it takes a love for God who created everything; a love for family for whom we each strive to protect and raise to become good upstanding citizens; and it takes 100% of one’s entire focus, time and finances. It is living the American Dream with hard work and pouring oneself into that vision so that it becomes our way of life.


People who use capitalism for ulterior purposes actually undermine our way of life by using terms like democracy or democratic which seem “fair minded” and lead one to thinking that one size fits all is a really great idea for government. Those same people misidentify our country as simply a Democracy where the one in charge of the government is the one responsible for taking care of all of its problems.


Even the very beginning of the word Democracy is the root word – Demon. Thus one could surmise that a Democracy is simply a Demon controlled government. The love of money is the root of all manner of evil and a Democracy is channeling that love of money through very select hands at or very near the top, while stripping it from those who work hard to earn it. The very first way is when money is taken from the poor through a process called taxes and filters UP to those with huge coffers (banks) and used to “take care of” everyone equally. Remember one size fits all? In reality the ones who are taken care of are the ones in charge.


Historically we have numerous examples where capitalism in a Democracy fails in every case. Today we can see countries like North Korea (DPRK), Cuba, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma) and even nearby Venezuela where total Democracy leads to Socialism and Communism. Even infused with certain portions of Capitalism the people suffer greatly as those at the top use money as power over the people who suffer greatly. At the very foundation of our nation those problems were addressed and in great detail because history shows us that Democracies simply do not work well for anyone except those at the very top and at the expense of everyone else.


Our nation was not founded as a Democracy, but as a Constitutional-Republic where the Rule of Law (Law of the Land) comes from the US Constitution where ultimate power is retained by the people (citizens). The power of the government is restricted by the Constitution. When the government becomes unresponsive to the people the Constitution provides a means to dissolve and reform the government.


We are at this point today in 2019, there are those in power who feel they are superior to the people they were elected to represent. They flaunt their political power and use all manner of ways and means to insure that their power is not interrupted. The guiding force behind their abusive power is political correctness and through its misuse right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right in their eyes.


Do not be deceived and let not your heart be troubled because the single most important factor in the lives of mankind is the love of the creator God from whom everything was created. When a people lose sight of who God is and chose to remove him from every facet of their lives it will not end well.


Not everyone who comes here is seeking a “do over” from the maladies of life in their home countries. There are those who are like leaches that see opportunity. They are the greedy and power hungry who channel others for their own personal gain. They are aided by those inside our country and inside our government who have been struck by that same greed. Left unchallenged they pose a greater threat to the stability of our nation by insisting that THEIR WILL not ours be done as they seek to remove freedom and liberty and replace them with their failed Social Democratic ideas. There is a reason men, women and children come to this nation seeking a better life and maybe that reason is simply God calling them to become his people? As a nation we must return to God as our defender and protector. We must seek his face, trust his word and become obedient to what God has called us to be a light upon a hill that will draw all men unto him. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “The Problem with Democratic Capitalism

  1. I will agree that our common condition is greed — no matter whether we call ourselves capitalists, socialists, or communists. Have you noticed how Bernie now no longer rails against millionaires (but now focuses on billionaires)? As Venezuela starves, have you noticed the girth of Maduro?

    The problem with each of these observations is that sometimes each allows me to divert my attention from something I need to do. For example, if I am observing the hypocrisy of our elected socialists, it’s hard for me to simultaneously read the Bible. Other times, by making certain observations about the world, I have been able to show how the scriptures and life lift up Christ.

    In the end, we agree. There needs to be more focus on God.


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