The Consistency of the Democratic Party



The Consistency of the Democratic Party


With all the good news of what’s happening across America there is a certain consistency of how the Democratic Party who calls themselves Progressive Liberals will act in response. It’s proven that they are driven by the quest for power over other people. In major large cities from Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles where Democrats are in control you hear threats of resistance (disobedience from obeying) federal law enforcement and for citizens to give up or are restricted from displaying or even having weapons for personal self-defense. It in no way affects the manner in which criminals operate.


Democrats also want to continue the unfettered access to abortion as a means of population control, claiming it’s a woman’s right to choose. It is not! Think of the precious lives that God creates and man terminates and the lost potential.


Democrats want to decriminalize unlawful immigration. Say What! They want open borders so as not to offend our neighbors? That in itself is offensive. Any nation without national sovereignty, which is set by boundaries (borders), is not a nation at all. Even an island has boundaries. Allowing individuals into our country without regard to where they come from invites disaster. History tells us that while signing a peace treaty with France during World War II, Hitler’s forces invaded the country ANYWAY! Many lives were lost over many years trying to free France from the invading force. Look at North Korea (DPRK) today in 2019, nobody exits or enters without authorization, violators are shot trying. That is the extreme but it happens when people are unable to defend themselves against invading forces in their homeland.


Another Democratic call is for higher taxes on everything and for everyone. Taxes raise revenue, yet for out of hand spending, tax dollars are not enough. Taxes hurt the working class the hardest, especially when Democrats provide “free stuff” to those who either choose not to work, or are in our country illegally and are given it at the expense of hard working citizens. Giving someone something free is merely a way of enslaving them and when the government does it, is that not the government-run slavery of those who take the “free stuff” and for those forced to pay for it all? During the Democratic Party debates they are all consistently over the top. Their ideas are not grounded in reality. Democrats are the party of the bully pulpit, while calling everyone else bullies. Chaos is a bi-product of Democratic Party policies and politics.


America is not the land of Chaos. It is the home of the brave and the land of the free and if you are not in sync with that you have to exercise your right to leave, or face getting thrown out on your ear. The organized chaos is simply an attempt to provoke infighting among ourselves, as a distraction for what is really being orchestrated upon America. In the words of the most famous President of all time, “You cannot always choose your friends, that’s life. But you can never afford to NOT know your enemy.” Donald J. Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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