The Rise to Power

Alexandria O-C



The Rise to Power


I’ve seen this quite frequently in the military when someone gets promoted from a private where they are just one of the guys. Once they are selected and promoted into the noncommissioned officer ranks they become the sergeant. The same holds true in corporate America the guy in the next cubicle becomes the lead, gets their own private office and you dare not enter without permission.


It should be different with our elected officials. They are the guy or gal next door. Friendly, amiable and someone you can tell your troubles to because they listen and have all the answers, right? Someone might have once said to them, “you ought to run for office”. It happens all the time. Once that seed has been implanted into the mindset of an individual most will simply shrug it off and continue with their life.


Take a big city with millions of inhabitants where nobody knows anybody outside their neighborhood. Inner city gangs rule their turf with an iron hand. Nobody crosses them without incurring the wrath of the gang. People go to work before coming home to lock themselves in at night. Just going for a night on the town is dangerous.


Suddenly the spark ignites. “You should run for office” becomes more than a passing remark for a neighborhood bartender with sudden political aspirations. Soon a campaign is born and there are banners, slogans and soon facial recognition. A pretty face equals pretty smart, right?


After months of campaigning it’s over. The race has been won and pretty face becomes a congresswoman. There’s the eye opening moment when she’s sworn in to office making her official. Then reality sets in she must hire a staff, find an apartment near her work. She meets others both new to Congress and those who’ve obviously been around the block one too many times. She decides she must make a statement that makes her stand out from the crowd.


Being a Latina of Puerto Rican ancestry she has that crowd appeal and her former job was her grooming. Yes she must make a statement, pick her battles so to speak. So she does and says all the right things about the topic everyone loves – trashing the sitting President of the United States, besides it’s fashionable and it gets her on a number of committees and working groups. She is a rising star, someone to be reckoned with, she WILL make a difference. In military lingo she’s an “Acting Jack” what we call a shake and bake. Given minimal training and given minimal responsibility over others. Often times it makes their heads swell until they actually think the world revolves around them.


Seems kind of odd that it would happen in Congress, but then we don’t really know what happens in Congress do we? There are orientation classes, probably done online, where someone signs a form saying they watched a video or met the training requirements.


However in 2019 the norm seems to be using social media (Facebook and Twitter) to get your message across and attacking Donald J. Trump is easy to do. His stand on immigration makes him a logical target for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). She will destroy him and dismantle his administration so fast that she will be the “Heroine of the Hill”. America will thank her, who knows she could be the first woman president? But first there is one obstacle to overcome – “Madam Speaker”!


You may be reading and say that could never happen, but alas it is happening right before your very eyes. @RepAOC is but one of the newcomers to Congress. Each one is charting their own course, have their own personal agenda, have decided to go after and stop Trump at all cost because it’s the party thing to do and it’s fashionable.


It has been said that knowledge is power, but a little bit of knowledge can get you into a lot of trouble instead. Showboating for the cameras may seem like a magic bullet, but the political weapon can be pointed right back at you. Remember a door can swing both ways.


I had heard that newcomers in the House of Representatives are told to sit down, shut up and open your eyes and ears to learn how things are done. Apparently things have changed and newcomers are thrown into some pretty sensitive and very important committees without any regard for whether or not they should even be there. That falls on the Speaker of the House, which in this case is Nancy Pelosi. Her self-importance may have caused her to act irrationally and the consequences will come back to bite her right where the sun doesn’t shine in the House of the Rising Star! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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