News of the Day



News of the day


There is a fire in the Amazon which predictors say could disrupt the global climate if not extinguished immediately. There are polar ice caps melting at an alarming rate also affecting climate change. US politicians have determined that internal combustion engines and dairy cows produce emissions that will also have a lasting effect on the state of our climate.


In the Middle East Israel combats attacks by Hamas and Iranian forces from bases in Syria, while US politicians begin going against stated US policy to condemn Israel and defend Palestine while condemning US policy and defending illegal aliens.


President Trump is in France at the G7 Summit talking with world leaders about real world problems, such as combating the fires in the Amazon and other matters.


Recent Democratic Party campaigning for the 2020 Presidential race have reduced the contenders into a sizable circus of who can stop President Trump from re-election and stop the very successful policies which have stimulated the US economy over the past 2 ½ years.


Meanwhile fake news media outlets such as CNN are fixated not on reporting the news as it is happening but attempting to smear the President with unfounded attacks by so called “experts” on his mental status without ever so much as a meeting or clinical observation or charging the outrageous fees associated with Psychiatric consultations (none given).


What is transpiring are a number of Republican so-called Presidential Candidates coming out of the woodwork thinking they can upstage a very successful sitting President?


What this means to the “Average Joe” on the street (you and me) is not so much about what everyone is saying they can do for our country, but demonstrating real tangible results, like a successful economy.


This is not worthy of political posturing, simply watching the action (or inaction) of politicians which can be measured by something called results. Do their actions match up with their words? Does their mantra simply have a hollow ring to it? Or can you reach out and touch those results (lower taxes, higher wages, more jobs, etc.)? Need I say more? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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