Operation Orange Envelope Campaign


15 September 2019


The Operation Orange Envelope Campaign to bring to a vote HR2201 and S1381


This is a call for Thailand Veterans of the Vietnam War, their families, survivors and friends to join this campaign to focus attention on the unknown and forgotten – what I call the “walking dead” from Herbicide Exposure while stationed in Thailand during the war.


We are NOT the Blue Water Navy veterans you have heard about, nor are we covered under their recently passed bill.


On 19 August 2019 we launched our Operation Orange Envelope Group on FB in preparation for the massive nationwide kickoff to Mail Orange Envelopes happened beginning 12 September 2019, to the Administration, Members of Congress (Veterans Affairs Committees of both Chambers) and the Media (national and local outlets). One lady actually walked the halls of Congress for 2 full days to hand deliver 1070 envelopes and mailing another 30 before returning to Tennessee.


As of this writing our FB Group membership stands at 367 active members, with 105 having sent out 4881 Orange Envelopes, resulting in Media outlets across the country conducting and/or scheduling interviews of at least 3 Thailand Veterans after receiving Orange Envelopes.


Our membership increases daily, tallies keep coming in and as we are joined by members of other Thailand FB groups we expect to literally flood the halls of congress with Orange Envelopes so that we will be ignored no longer.


We began expanding our reach through various Thailand Veteran FB groups by inviting them to join the campaign.


In fact you don’t have to be a Veteran to join us, simply come to the Operation Orange Envelope FB group and request to join. Then begin writing a short letter (1-2 pages) asking for Congressional support (Co-Sponsors) of HR2201 and S1381 (companion bills will change US Code Title 38) to grant presumptive exposure to herbicides for Thailand Veterans (important to note the years: 1961 – 1976).

If you are new, please use this as a guide to getting started. We log our mailings with name, state, and number of letters and to whom? Post in the comments section and the admin team will update the document for accountability purposes.

Will you join us?


Joseph J Wilson Jr – Admin

Operation Orange Envelope Group

SFC, USA (Retired)

Thailand Veteran 2/68-7/70



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