The Roller Coaster of the Progressive Democratic Party



The Roller Coaster of the Progressive Democratic Party


I don’t know about you but either its DEJAVU or we’ve seen this trick a time or two over the past 3 years. An unnamed (Whistleblower) source has revealed that he has caught President Trump in the act of being presidential with a foreign leader. In fact it so happens that President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian leader was highly inappropriate and placed undue pressure for an investigation into the Joe Biden pay-for-play over Hunter Biden’s business dealings in the Ukraine during the Obama administration. Joe Biden was the sitting Vice President and used his official influence to insure his son Hunter emerged with a huge amount of money paid to him for what, services rendered?


On the hearsay of the so-called whistleblower House Democrats went from zero to Mach-Nine as they began formulating their plans to impeach President Trump. The only problem (oh there are many) thus far is the fact that the whistleblower heard it from an unnamed source, who heard it from an unnamed source with absolutely no evidence to substantiate the inappropriate phone call. Sound familiar?


That brings to mind what the Democrats have been threatening over the past 3 years, but just haven’t found any flypaper to make things stick. This case is no different because just as House Speaker Pelosi made her revealing announcement, President Trump gave the order to release the transcript of the suspect phone call, calling it a normal part of foreign relations on his part.


So that brings us back to the whistleblower who in reality is nothing more than a deep state leaker who wasn’t even assigned to monitor or listen in to the official call, and has only hearsay information which wouldn’t stand up in a court of law, but is enough for the lawmakers of the Democratic House.


It seems to me that President Trump may have had something special in mind that would blow up in the faces of House Democrats and they didn’t see it coming. What I refer to as not seeing the forest for the trees scenario.


It seems that every time something really great happens for the good of the nation, the Democratic legislators think they are firemen throwing water on the fire, when in reality they grabbed the can marked “Highly Explosive – Gasoline”.


The real crimes are being committed by certain House Democrats who have “Gone Rogue” (Sorry Governor) a long time ago. They beat the impeachment drum wildly and show themselves out to be cowards at best and traitors to their elected constituents and to the nation as a whole.


Congress was never meant to be a career path and many of the House and Senate members who’ve been in Congress more than 2 terms are living proof that advanced aging can really be a pain. It must be tough going into the chamber of Congress and forgetting why or what you’re doing there?


This stunt by House Democrats will do one thing and one thing only and that is to insure that President Donald J. Trump is re-elected in 2020 and the swamp will continue to drain. Don’t believe me? Well folks all I can say is “Hold On Buttercup” the roller coaster is about to move. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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