The Case to Impeach Donald J Trump

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The Case to Impeach Donald J Trump


It seems we are back where we started from almost 3 years ago. The House Democrats lead by Speaker Nancy Pelosi with her two lieutenants Chairman Adam Schiff and Chairman Gerald Nadler are firing up their respective committees in order to Impeach the sitting President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


After salivating over tidbits and morsels of a concocted version of what would make a movie audience go to sleep, they now have the silver bullet. They have caught President Trump in the act of communicating with a foreign power in a quid quo pro of influencing the 2016 elections, or so they think.


Like a student going through books in the school library they have finally found the playbook on taking down the President of the United States brought forward by a diligent member of the CIA who turned into a whistleblower (protected by law) even though what he brought forward was something he admitted he had no direct knowledge of, but had been told what someone, a source in the White House had told him about a phone call between President Trump and the President of the Ukraine back in July 2019.


Immediately this great news was grasped by House Speaker Pelosi and she called for a vote on the House floor for an Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump. Both House Democrats and Republicans pounced on this with both feet and most likely cheered and patted each other on the backs for finally getting what they had been seeking since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2015.


There was only one problem and that was when the President released a full and un-redacted transcript of said call so everyone could read for themselves the entire phone conversation. I read it and found nothing improper had taken place. It was simply a cordial conversation where both men complimented each other on their election victories and Trump asked him to look into what happened to the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating a company involving the son of a then sitting Vice President Joe Biden and something called Crowdstrike?


That transcript release did little to stop Chairman Schiff from fabricating his own version of the Trump call and reading it into the record. So moving forward toward the impending Impeachment could very well be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back because there simply was no crime committed by President Trump and all the accusations made by Democrats are what they themselves have been guilty of doing.


Here’s what impeachment will do to President Trump and to the Democratic Party members of both the House and Senate. It will formalize a trial of the President where the House acts as prosecutors (very fitting given their propensity for asking lots of irrelevant questions) and the Senate – all 100 members will be the jury. Presiding over the Impeachment Trial will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts.


There will be indictments, witnesses to call and this will become a circus like never before in the history of this nation. Very likely we will see President Obama and members of his administration being called and questioning will be quite serious as they discuss foreign interference in the 2016 election which will show ALL the players at their best.


Since the call for an Impeachment Inquiry by Speaker Pelosi thousands of American voters have abandoned the Democratic Party and literally thousands of GOP donors have come forward insuring President Trump’s re-election after failing to remove him from office.


The entire nation and the world will see more clearly how utterly preposterous the Democratic members of Congress had become and American voters will begin selecting new members of Congress to carry out their wishes. Many of the current legislators will be unsuccessful in maintaining their seats in office and will be relegated to follow up Impeachment trials into their misconduct while members of Congress going back literally 40 + years for many.


Impeachment is not something that builds up the nation, nor does it restore trust and confidence in those who partake of it. The entire process seeks to nullify the vote of the people and bring down a dully elected President. The founding fathers wrote into the Constitution at Impeachment was restricted to “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” and was not to be taken lightly nor abused. They would be turning over in their graves if they were watching the fiasco taking place in Congress today.


American’s have a high threshold for tolerance yet a low tolerance for stupidity. Rather than working for the American people many of today’s politicians have opted to ignore their official duties as their quest for power through corruption has turned into greed and hatred because the 2016 election did not go their way. Hillary Clinton has failed to admit that SHE and she alone lost the election because she was so smitten with the idea of becoming the first female President of the United States at any price!


The 2020 election will insure President Trump another 4 years to continue to drain the swamp and out the deep state operatives who seek to destroy the very fabric of our society. We are with you Mr. President as you fight for us – the deplorables from fly over country! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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