When They Go High We Go Low



When They Go High We Go Low


That is the mantra of the Progressive Democratic Party. It’s a double standard that we’ve seen it boldly played out since the 2016 Presidential Election.


Take the congressional softball game where a shooter wounds a republican congressman and the media gives it minimal coverage.


But remember the mail bomber who sent packages to prominent democratic legislators? It was all over the airwaves and the internet for several days until the FBI miraculously hunted down and arrested the “perpetrator” and that was right before the midterm elections of 2018.


What about the sudden rise of sexual allegations by a prominent educator against a Supreme Court nominee? It was the talk of the town and still surfaces in an attempt to smear the now sitting SCOTUS justice. Based on lies, allegations and ending up profiting the accuser while attempting to destroy a man simply because he was nominated by President Trump?


The Russia Collusion delusion was one of the biggest hoaxes played on the American people. Also lies and false allegations that normally would bring ruin to many a politician’s political career and ran for more than 2 years and the “investigation” revealed no basis for it in the first place.


Another long running scam from the democratic playbook is the Impeachment inquisition. Simply a real life version of “Chicago Politics” and mob tactics, in an attempt to get the sitting president to default on his promise to American voters – drain the swamp. The latest chapter is using the Ukrainian presidential phone calls as an excuse to bring forth the impeachment inquiry with trumped (that’s a riot in itself) up charges by Chairman Adam Schiff who wrote his own version of the call after reading the transcript. Then he proceeded to read into the official records the shady Schiff version while stating it was what the president said. That’s why it’s important to see, hear and/or read instead of “This is what the President meant or said”.


I think it was Michelle Obama and parroted by Hillary Clinton the phrase of “When they go high, we go low”. In sports it would equate to hitting below the belt, clearly against the rules of fair sportsmanship. But alas this is not sports. It is war and everyone knows that anything goes in love and war, right?


To muddy up the waters we have the ongoing fiasco of Climate Change where fiction is being touted as fact and what better place than in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. So let’s set the record straight – the climate has always been changing. God created it to change constantly. However to say that in 12 years the world will end and all mankind will be killed because of the climate is a flat out hoax. Is there a danger in cutting down all the rainforests and trees around the world? Yes, but planting trees to take their place is taking a responsible approach to preserving nature. Do banning plastic straws and cow farts help the environment? Not even a little bit.  Take into consideration the wasteful habits of humans to literally throw away unwanted or unneeded items and that greatly outweighs the savings of banning plastic straws. But this is something for another article.


The Progressive Democratic Party leadership have become very focused on doing whatever possible to reverse the reforms instituted by President Trump, simply because it loosens their grip on power over the people who voted for and sent them to Washington DC in the first place. They vow to give all sorts of free stuff to those who haven’t worked to earn it, and do so by taking from those who do work for it. They want to raise taxes on the super-rich, while ignoring and/or hiding the fact that they (politicians) are among the super-rich and did so while in public office.


We must not forget that politicians work for the people. Once they have obtained your vote you are dispensable, at least until the next time your vote is needed to secure their power. Nothing in life is free and all the promise of free stuff is simply how to enslave (endure) people (You’re now obligated to vote for me). It matters not what political party you choose to belong to because everything has a cost. When you were a baby you are fed “baby-food” and there comes a time when you want to eat real food like everyone around you.  The same is true in politics. There comes a time when you must think and decide for yourself. Are your politicians really working for your best interests or their own self-interests?


Maybe it’s time for a change? Are you willing to leave the political plantation? Or are you content with getting your share of free stuff? You cannot serve God AND mammon. Who or what is your god? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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