Questioning the Politics of Politics



Questioning the Politics of Politics

Politics like Religion lead you nowhere


Bear with me now but there are just some things that don’t make a lot of sense unless, of course, it deals with Washington D.C. politics or politicians and the media attention they draw. We always seem to hear when things happen that tear down one politician after another. Except when these actions are despicable and destroy the reputation of another. Many times there are allegations or innuendoes suggesting illegal wrongdoings which turn out to be false or misleading.


Look at the Nixon presidency and what he was attempting to do around the world and with the war in Vietnam. Just when you’d think he was about to succeed something happened that changed everything. The infamous Watergate scandal turned into threats of impeachment and ultimately to the unheard of resignation of Richard Nixon.


It does seem a bit odd that it involved individuals breaking into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. The recorded conversations of Nixon in the White House were his undoing. My question is why would someone break into the DNC Headquarters in the first place? Were there stacks of gold bullion or libraries of pornographic pictures featuring Democratic political hopefuls? Maybe there were secret documents waiting for the Mueller Investigation to dig up on Donald Trump?


There have been others like when the Iranians took a host of American civilians as political prisoners and kept them until immediately after the swearing in of Jimmy Carter as President when they were released. But we don’t hear much about that.


Reagan came in as an outsider and everyone thought of him as a cowboy not suited to the presidency. Surely Reagan would take us down the road to war. The airstrike on Libya that missed Kaddafi, but killed his son were perfect examples, but did we go to war over that?


There was a buzz in Washington when G.H.W. Bush sent our military to Saudi Arabia where troops were met on the beach by CNN who broadcast openly about the ongoing secret invasion. How did CNN know when and where to place their camera teams? Has anybody looked for a leaker or whistleblower to be held accountable? I think not.


Clinton brought all his baggage into the White House and his sexual escapades literally drove the headlines with the cherry on top being the Monica Lewinsky scandal. This brought calls of impeachment and Clinton was in fact impeached, but not removed from office. The media didn’t hound him and make unreasonable demands. The terrorist strike on the USS Cole didn’t draw the response from Clinton or a reaction from the media even though US lives were lost.


  1. W. Bush came in basically on his father’s coattails and was almost immediately hit with 9/11 and drawing a focused response on terrorists also drew a focused resistance from the left and the media which haunts him even today.


Obama was something else. Coming from out of nowhere he eclipsed Hillary to take the DNC nomination and ultimately the presidency. The funny (not so) thing about the Democrats and Obama even before the swearing in ceremony the FBI received an anonymous tip that Somali terrorists had snuck into Minnesota and were planning on an assassination during the Obama inauguration. This put the FBI on high alert but nothing happened and it was soon forgotten.  The 9/11/12 attack on Benghazi was spun out of control in as US leadership and administration officials squashed all efforts to respond to the attack and save the lives of US personnel under attack for more than 13 hours. The media was complicit in spinning the story of an anti-Muslim video. This entire matter was washed over and not sufficiently investigated. Another incident was the hiring of foreign nationals as IT professionals for Democratic legislators and in the DNC with full access to the DNC official computer network. But the spin was pointing to Russia and the Trump campaign as conspirators in hacking the DNC computer system. Again what is in the DNC computers that is so important that anyone would want to hack into it, but so secret that FBI investigators were not given access to the computers after the hack?


Trump came in promising to drain the swamp, build the wall and expose the deep state. Just making those promises to fight for the American people have unleashed the forces of darkness like we’ve never seen before. For almost 3 years we’ve heard Russia, Russia, Russia and the evidence has been null. Now we’re hearing Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine and the transcript is null. What is seeping to the surface is a host of Obama administration officials doing a host of things that are unethical and illegal in dealing with US assets, Russia and Ukraine. What Trump has brought back into America is patriotic pride and opened a can of worms called hate and lies. It will be interesting how this plays out over the next 5 years, but in the meantime we’re getting ready for another round of the Democratic Circus Acts featuring Gerald Nadler and Adam Schiff, with ringleaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We even have guest appearances by Maxine Waters and AOC + 3 which at times is very entertaining. So head to the refrigerator, grab a cold one and a bag of popcorn. Set the DVR to record and watch the show begin, and begin, and begin again and again. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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