Why I Still Support President Trump

Trump Rally



Why I still Support President Trump


If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter for any length of time there are ads that pop up by one group or another asking “Do you still support Donald J. Trump?”


Each time I say to myself – You Think!


My friends who remain died-in-the-wool liberals still hold on to the left’s propaganda message that Trump’s bad for the country; Trumps is alienating our allies; and Trump is dividing our country with his hateful rhetoric. They still think that Trump’s wall is stupid and expensive.


Then I think about how Trump became President. It may have been meeting President Ronald Reagan or maybe an idea planted in his mind even before that, but it started well before he announced his intent to run for president.


Like it or not I believe the ideas began with Almighty God planting the idea that Trump could be president. That idea germinated over the years and even with Trump forming a sort of exploratory committee to test the waters, so to speak, but the time was not yet ripe.


In order to put things into perspective you have to look at Donald J. Trump. Who is he? How did he become a successful businessman, a builder and a television personality? Unlike what the media would have everyone believe, nothing was handed to Trump on a silver platter. He worked hard to learn from his father and understand the details of construction. Trump is a risk taker and not everything succeeds the first or even the second time and failure is not an option.


At the military academy Donald Trump showed he was a scrapper, a boxer and began his forming his leadership style. Academically he was good with numbers and went on to get his degree in accounting. Working with his father he became more than competent as a commercial builder of large and exquisite structures to be admired. He learned and early on decided that the best way to show pride in his work was to put the Trump name on it.


Many people take that as arrogance, I say it was pride. Nobody knows who Inspector #12 or #24 is when you have a tag on a piece of clothing. Everyone knows a Trump built hotel or property.


This story really isn’t about Donald J. Trump so much as what Almighty God can do with a willing heart. Like the legends of biblical time, Noah, Moses and David, God used the unacceptable or unworthy in the eyes of man to do the impossible through the strength of God’s own power. God knows the heart and potential of man. Men can only look at the outside where they often see through the filtered lens of jealousy, hate and greed. The heart of man is pure evil until changed by the power of God.


What I see in Trump is a man who assesses a situation or problem and looks past to solutions and he knows how to get there from here. Trump has said that he does run a race just to say he ran in fact he only when he knows he can win. That’s why over years of considering a presidential run, it wasn’t until he had assembled a team of prayer warriors to pray over him and only after receiving independent confirmation from complete strangers that he made the decision and followed through.


You’re still looking for proof? Look no further than what’s been thrown at him from the start beginning with the sexual allegations that would have sunk a battle ship; the leaked locker room talks tape; don’t forget the infamous Russia Collusion Delusion investigation that actually began being set up under Obama and investigated by the man who carried our national treasure to Russia for Hillary; and the never ending democratic circus of House Democrats who are like kids in a candy store, with the power they have no idea how to handle or channel. It’s as if the proverbial gates of Hell have been opened up and the liberal left has waved the demons out in a get Trump with anything goes mentality.


I’d say that popping a tweet now and then causes the left to go crazy. The fact that Hillary is still reading the title of her book “What Happened” indicates that she hasn’t grasped the fact that she lost two elections and will never get another chance.


When I talk to my Democratic friends they say they don’t like Trump and that he’s unfit for the office of the Presidency. I say that is pure horse pucky. No other President since maybe George Washington worked for free and literally fought to insure our freedoms were intact and successful. No modern day President has even come close to accomplishing the successes in the economy, foreign affairs or defended the United States in the face of aggressor nations, while fighting a Congress so bent on his demise that they would rather sink the USS America than to see Trump steer it to victory.


The Democrats have turned national pride into a dirty word, and have done their best to shame American’s into submission so that the surrender of our second amendment rights will lead to our downfall. The one thing they have not taken into consideration is our love for our country and the defense of the Constitution of the United States.


Why do I still support President Donald J. Trump? Maybe it’s because of a President who does not cower down before foreign leaders or the members of Congress who attack him constantly. His fight is for America and I support him because he is fighting for American citizens just like me.


This article is not to change your mind so that you believe as I do. No it’s already been established that a drinker will not stop drinking until he realizes he has a problem and decides he needs to quit. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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