Lies Deceit and Sleight of Hand




Lies Deceit and Sleight of Hand


It’s really too bad that when panic mode hits to Demented Democratic Left pull out the same old playbook. First it’s alleged sexual misconduct from the ancient past; collusion delusion; sprinkle in verbal assaults on family and friends; threats of imprisonment; outright death threats.


When all that fails to deter the duly elected President of the United States go for impeachment and calls for a 25th Amendment change, followed by alleged sexual misconduct from the ancient past….etc.…..etc.


Don’t you just hate it when their plans don’t come together?


If the duly elected members of Congress spent as much time, money and effort on doing their jobs as legislators as they have done over the past 3 years, we could have fixed immigration, border security and maybe even recouped social security misappropriated funds of past administrations.


The roller coaster run of the out of control Democratic Party has played out its welcome.


There must be a major shift within the Congress to oust the old guard (and I do mean old) from power due to their petty mishandling and partisan politics. Failing to do it properly will surely cost the party the very power they aim to keep. Have they no shame?


Political Theateratrics from the likes of Nadler and Schiff are blatant abuses of power. They parade themselves before the television cameras simply because they can. They see this as transparency but there is no investigation or investigator in their right mind that conducts public circus antics or allows their investigation to be swayed by public opinion. Their investigative conduct is a sham.


If We the People do not stand up with one voice and demand an end to these charades and endless ramblings and yes the misconduct, it is our bound duty to vote them out of office in 2020 – Loty, Doty and Everybody!


As for the media – their reckless disregard for journalism have harmed the very agencies that WERE the very lifeblood of news for millions of Americans.


We are tired of all the manufactured drama and I assure you the political outcome of the next election hinges on the outcome! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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