The Stars of Democratic Reality Television




The Stars of Democratic Reality Television


It’s the big new thing on TV tuning into CSPAN to watch the saga of the woes of Democrats in Congress as they position themselves to see who is the top Trump-Hater to die for?


We’ve seen a host of current members of the Congressional Black Caucus (Cummings, Lee, Ilhan, Harris, Waters, Booker and others) as well as members of the Progressive Democratic Party liberals taking turns as they take “roasting” President Trump to lower and lower levels. They clearly demonstrate that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is that absolute power they are losing.


We’ve been subject to the unauthorized release of privileged phone call information to the press by Florida Democratic Representative and CBC member Fredericka Wilson who listened in on the condolence call from President Trump to the widow of an Army Sergeant ambushed and killed in Africa soon after Trump took office.


We’ve had the ridicule of President Trump after his phone call to the Chinese President gaining the release of American citizens caught stealing sunglasses in China. What was completely overlooked the un-American and unsportsmanlike conduct of so-called athletes on a “goodwill tour” overseas.


The ridicule coming from the Democratic left and the left-wing media over President Trump’s tweets about Little Rocket Man in reference to North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un was taken up as tantamount to a declaration of war and everyone knows that only Congress can declare war.


The recent phone call with the President of Ukraine is another example of President Trump exercising his authority of the Executive Branch in dealing with foreign leaders and the unauthorized access to and leaking of information is the deep state resisting the power of the President.


Every word and every move by President Trump’s executive branch and his administration has been criticized by the very same people who continue in their attempt to affect a coup and bring down the duly elected President of the United States.


It is unconscionable for members of Congress who swore to uphold the Constitution have been actively seeking to shred the Constitution as a means of getting back at President Trump.


Well I’m not buying any of it.


The phony calls for impeachment, collusion, alleged sexual allegations and threats of violence against President Trump are at the very least treasonous offenses by the very members of Congress who swore to do the will of the people who elected them.


If not before, the 2020 election cycle should be the line in the sand where American voters will choose to replace some of the antiquated life-time members of Congress with American patriots who clearly love our country and are unwilling to let malfeasance in office continue.


We are not in a Trump or not Trump situation. It is not possible to see un-American actions or words as expressing patriotism. It is not possible for calling for clear Christian values while condoning the murder by abortion or doctor-assisted suicide. It is not possible to stand or kneel on the flag while claiming to stand up for the flag.


We are in a fight for the very continuation and existence of the United States of America. It is time for God fearing people to stand up and be counted as they fall on their knees in repentance before Almighty God.


Pray unto God now or stand before him in Eternity! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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