Why Ukraine?

Ukriane Map



Why Ukraine?


When the talking points pointed to Ukraine did anyone ask what the big deal is? We heard absolutely nothing over the past 3 years about this former soviet bloc nation. During the Obama years what was the focus – Crimea? Wasn’t that where Russia invaded the tiny port nation to secure the outlet dispersing oil? Was it not over Crimea where a surface to air missile took down a commercial airliner loaded with civilian passengers at 39,000 feet? And nobody said a peep!


All it took was a video of then Vice President Joe Biden boasting that he went to the Ukraine and gave an ultimatum that Ukrainian authorities could not refuse, fire the prosecutor investigating the company that hired his son or US funds earmarked for Ukraine would not be released and the clock was ticking. Even after that interview with VP Biden was aired, the media said not a word.


Yet when President Trump telephoned congratulations to the new Ukrainian President and during the conversation asked him to look into what happened with that prosecutor the entire scenario changed and liberal Democrats and their media lackeys can’t stop talking about Trump – Ukraine as if there was a conspiracy of Ukrainian interference in our Presidential Elections……


Well it turns out there was election interference involving Ukraine and it had absolutely nothing to do with Trump. In fact it began some time before the 2016 elections and involved none other than the Democratic National Convention (DNC) server and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and a host of mishaps that potentially involved a number of Washington DC politicians.


Remember when Congressional security teams discovered someone employed by the DNC attempted unauthorized access into congressional servers?  Seems like a couple of foreign born brothers and one foreign born spouse were found to be working as Internet Technicians but acting as foreign spies. In the end all three left the country and we’ve heard nothing of them since.


In fact they were employed by the DNC, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a number of other Democratic representatives on a part time basis having full access to a number of computers and servers, which is how they were caught. Nobody said anything about that either.


The FBI investigation into the outside hacking of the DNC server the “Russian Collusion” delusion was in full swing focused on finding Trump at the other end of the investigation. There was a problem with the so called FBI “Investigation” they never physically got to the DNC server and nobody asked why not? The whole Ukrainian scenario is unraveling faster than a kitten chasing a ball of twine downhill. Facts are coming out in recent days that the DNC server that was hacked was located physically in the Ukraine. FBI investigators were never sent to the Ukraine or couldn’t find the office it was housed in?


This makes me suspicious as to whether Hillary’s “private email server” may have been co-located in the Ukraine along with the DNC server (That possible connection hasn’t been made yet)?


Just recently we are being told that the Ukrainian company that hired Hunter Biden did so for protection – against what or who – the United States; Barack Obama; Joe Biden; or maybe Hillary Clinton? Who is to know?


What is clear to me is the actions of the Democratic Party leadership in Congress Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer and those under their influence are acting like children trying to sweep everything under the rug and when mommy comes home they are playing beside a piled up carpet and saying – Trump did it.


Congressional Democrats are either implicit or complicit by actively partaking in this charade or looking the other way and hoping it all goes away. The old guard acts like its business as usual, while the new comers are trying to blaze new ways into the business as usual government. Those who sit silently watching and waiting must be reminded that they are merely caretakers representing American voters and can be replaced at the polling box in 2020.


The post turtle sits atop the post wondering how he got there, what he’s supposed to do while he’s up there and how in the world he’s going to get down. Don’t be a post turtle. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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