Impeaching the President

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Impeaching the President


I have refrained from following the proceedings today as it appears that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made good on her promise to move forward on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. This is nothing new as threats of impeachment began even before the inauguration in 2017.


Americans have been fiercely divided on what constitutes impeachable offences – a booming economy, lowering taxes, war on opioids, international diplomacy or was it simply making fun of Democrats and their lackey fake news organizations? President Trump made a number of promises while campaigning and to date he has worked fiercely against partisan democrats to keep those promises.


There has been an undercurrent of unrest that is being blamed on President Trump. There is a total disrespect for our nation its symbols and the flag topped a total lack of respect toward the president by many claiming to be patriots protecting the Constitution.


What I see are vestiges of power grasping at straws as that power dissipates in front of them. So hungry to regain control of Congress, after the midterm elections of 2018 the democratic dream came true and the one uniting factor was to remove President Trump from office, at any cost.


This has been a partisan effort lead by congressional democrats many of whom have spent a majority of their adulthood exploiting public service for personal gain. How else can you explain the number of congressional millionaires who built up their assets after taking office? Covered up and protected by deep state operatives in various agencies there has never been a serious routing out of the wrongdoers or their cohorts until the Trump presidency.


Many times efforts to oust Donald Trump have failed, yet the democratic left continue one after the other and the funny thing (if things could really be funny) is the accusations about the President are the very actions perpetrated by the accusers. Politicians accused of wrongdoing normally resign and are never heard from again. False accusations against President Trump simply fall flat.


Scoffers mock anyone who claims that Donald Trump is on a mission from God. They ridicule Trump and say he’s not a real Christian because of his past personal dealings and business successes. To them I say this – God can and will use anyone who submits themselves to God – Even and especially Donald Trump.


I look at the Trump Presidency as living proof that God is doing a great work through the man Donald Trump. If God can use Adam and Eve to populate the earth; then use Noah and his immediate family to repopulate the earth after the flood; and use Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and turn their stubbornness into a 40 year journey; God can surely use one man possessing the one attribute necessary for God to use – availability then couple that with commitment, drive and a determination to succeed – Donald Trump is the one man suitable for the work that God has selected him for.


There is no force on heaven or on earth or under the earth that can know, understand or stand up against the will of the living God – Jehovah! His plan is perfect and it will come to pass for HIS glory. I pity the man, woman or being that chooses to side against a man whom God has choses so long as that man remains in the perfect will of God until that work has been completed. You may scoff and disbelieve and that is your choice, but it will not change the fact that what God has set in motion will come to pass.


The impeachment debacle will go the way of the Russian Collusion Delusion and the Trump Derangement Syndrome as Donald Trump is President of the United States for a reason and will be re-elected in 2020 to serve until his purpose has been successfully completed and the course of America has been firmly reset. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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