Coincidences or Convenience?




Coincidences or Convenience


One doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize the pattern of using or creating disastrous situations that cause fear and panic from the highly educated to the masses. During the 8 years of the Obama administration they were kept low keyed and under the radar so that once it became known it was already too late.


Immediately upon the election and inauguration of Trump the tactic changed to in your face crises that would cause the world because Trump was President.


So I ask Coincidence or Convenience?

(In no particular order)

We had a leaked video that caused spontaneous and totally unplanned women marching in protest.

We had accusations of presidential appointees in failed attempts to influence congressional action.

We had accusations of presidential misconduct due to a leaked secure phone call with Ukrainian president leading to hurried and unverified charges of Impeachment.

We had accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election for President.

We had accusations of sexual impropriety affecting voting.

We had bomb scares of prominent Democratic political figures with the rapid and very public arrest of the “guilty” party.

We had multiple caravans of migrants from Central American nations traveling to the Mexico/US border for the purpose of illegally entering the country.

We had rioting, looting and even murders in major hotspots across the nation.

We had school shootings targeting innocent children, yet sanctioned by public officials.

We had the public shooting of Republican legislators in a softball field in Washington.

We had voter fraud during elections in several key state elections.

We had well-known individuals trafficking in sexual slavery, prostitution services while providing transportation and facilities end up dead in a federal prison awaiting trial.

We have a Democratic 2020 presidential candidate bragging of buying 100 House seats in order to secure the Speaker of the House position, yet to be investigated.

We have a Democratic 2020 presidential candidate bragging that as Vice President he caused the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor by threatening to hold up US aide, currently under investigation.

We have a hostile media inciting fear, racial division and promoting fake news in order to downplay the actions taken by the president to make and keep America safe.

We have a well-known Hollywood producer accused of sexual misconduct being brought to trial and now awaiting sentencing.

We have Congressional Democrats doing everything to hinder the Executive Branch (President Trump) from securing the southern border, administering domestic and foreign policy.

We have seen ramped accusations of Democratic Party corruption at local, state and national level with unaccounted US aid funding having gone missing.

We have federal law enforcement agencies attempting a coup to take down a sitting US President and nobody yet to be held accountable.

We have seen former Obama officials and sitting legislators travel internationally and meeting with foreign governments in attempts to undermine the sitting US president and negate US foreign policy, yet to be investigated.

We have the COVIN-19 Coronavirus scare affecting nations around the world, yet Democrats criticizing President Trump of not taking the correct course of action or not requesting enough money to fight the virus, some even accusing the virus being Trump’s fault.


All in all these actions and more that I have not listed have been designed to influence the election 2016, 2018 and 2020 elections and destabilize the US and economies of the world. So again I ask – Coincidences or Conveniences? – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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