Failed Political Party Politics



Failed Political Party Politics


As I read the news, watch television or surf the internet what catches my eye are the politicians who betray public trust. Whether they be city councils, mayors, county commissioners, attorney generals, governors, state or national legislators or other elected officials, when they misuse their elected office for personal gain it irks me.


It has become common practice to spend other people’s money frivolously on fancy dinners, wild parties, vacation junkets or even overpriced mansions while we have increasing homelessness, citizens who are unemployed and unemployable living in the streets. Major cities and in several states there are $M if not $B of unaccounted federal tax dollars that should be helping to lift people out of poverty, fixing failing infrastructure or maintaining or upgrading public schools to provide meaningful education for millions of public school age kids.


We read about a politician taking a European vacation using his political war-chest marked “reelection” and nobody seems to care. We have filth on city streets and in some cases city officials have fought fiercely the efforts of private citizens to clean up the filth instead of properly allocating city resources and funds.


In the current election campaign cycle we see people running for the office of President of the United States who are simply running for the publicity. Whether they are sitting or former elected officials or private citizens who pour money into outright gimmicks or even brag about buying legislators to insure party leadership in Congress. If they cannot be trusted to conduct themselves ethically or to spend their funds (other people’s money) wisely they do not belong in elected office at all.  Every day they display behavior that makes a mockery of our Constitutional-Republic form of government. They treat fellow citizens with distain and disrespect and use their bullying mob tactics to instill fear and chaos simply to control another person’s right to vote.


I tell you this, if a person demonstrates by action, deeds or words anything that goes against the Word of God – DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM!


Have no other gods (money, power or toys) before God

Do not worship things (people or places) instead of God

Do not take (curse, misuse or slander) the name of the Lord your God in vain

Remember the Sabbath day (everyday), keep it holy

Honor (obey and respect) your father and your mother

Do not kill (includes abortion)

Do not commit adultery (lust after another)

Do not steal (taking what is not yours)

Do not speak falsely (lie or slander) against your neighbor

Do not keep your eyes on anything your neighbor has (jealousy)


Luke 10:27 – He (Jesus) answered: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.”


It is expected that politicians will make promises in order to secure your vote. What you must ask yourself is what their track record is?

What have they done or accomplished before politics?

How have they conducted their life up to this point?

How do they treat others?

How do they see themselves?


Political debates bring out the best and expose the worst in people (on and off stage). It becomes clear who can articulate meaningful and thoughtful ideas with a focus on helping others. It is also clear who is simply spouting words or ideas that make no sense. Some even take the ideas of others and pass them off as their own. If you question them on what they are saying it becomes real clear they know nothing about what they have been saying.


Ask yourself, “Will I be better off financially, personally and professionally if this person is elected than I am right now?” It should be a clear yes or no choice. Don’t think that you have to vote for someone or a political party that does not have your best interest at heart. Take political ads in stride, they are geared to appeal to your inner self greed with promises made that are not likely to be kept.


America First is not a racist idea or statement. Our way of life is better than any other nation on earth. The freedoms we enjoy are often suppressed in countries around the world.


Socialism is not social media and kills the dreams of freedom. You do not choose your work; where you live; what to eat; when or who to marry; or to have children? Think of socialism as being permanently grounded for life by the government. Socialism is not good and leads to Communism. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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