This Too Shall Pass




This Too Shall Pass


Remember the election of 2016 when there were a host of GOP favorites and 2 DNC candidates with Hillary Clinton being the “sure fire winner”? Well we know how that ended and we’re 4 years down the road and guess what Donald J. Trump is still your president!


Who is surprised that in 2020 there is 1 GOP incumbent and again 2 DNC candidates with Joe Biden being the “preordained” favorite of the DNC, while Bernie Sanders is fighting tooth and nail to take the nomination? Neither candidate has shown the explosive vision of a better America ahead. There has been a lot of political behind the scenes maneuvering and it’s rumored that big money talked and political candidates walked as if on cue!


There have been a number of extenuating circumstances coming to light that threatened to derail the re-election of President Donald Trump. Ukraine ignited a spark that led to a hasty impeachment of the President, fizzling out only to re-ignite into the Burisma investigation of Hunter Biden and the conflict of interest of presidential hopeful Joe Biden and others.


During the State of the Union address by President Trump America and the world watch as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi while constantly mumbling in the background tore up her official copy of the SOTU text handed to her by President Trump after he omitted shaking her hand.


The incessant cries of Russia, Russia, Russia turned into Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine and when that didn’t work the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer steps up to a microphone at a woman’s right to choose (a pro-abortion) rally in front of the Supreme Court of the United States and boisterously threatens two Supreme Court Justices (Kavanaugh and Gorsuch) all the while television cameras roll.  The backlash was instantaneous as Chief Justice Roberts issued a public reprimand and outraged members of Congress begun a process to censure Senator Schumer. This caused a couple of off-hand jokes where he said his upbringing was to blame and it wasn’t the SCOTUS he was referring to (clearly it was), but he aimed his comments at Republicans (while pointing to the Supreme Court).


Now think back on the past four years and see what diversionary tactics have come just before or immediately after an election – caravans of migrants trekking to the border. We’ve seen athletes representing the United States and/or professional sports figures kneeling during the national anthem over their fake outrage and utter hatred of President Trump. Major cities and states becoming “sanctuaries” for illegal and criminal aliens; refusing to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies and releasing criminals onto the streets where many resort to immediate crime with impunity.


The tide is turning and very soon these sanctuary cities and states will feel the effects of withheld federal funding and an increased federal law enforcement presence to uphold the laws of the United States as illegal and criminal aliens will be deported in increasing numbers. American’s of all ages, races and political parties are becoming aware of corrupt politicians who badger and bully them in an attempt to get their vote to stay in power.


The bible tells us there is nothing new under the sun and we know that this too will pass…..I am the Real Truckmaster!


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