Are You a Democrat or American?




Are You a Democrat or American?


Last year on Facebook I saw the meme that said something to the effect “Are You a Democrat or American?” When I posted it to my wall one of my friends who is a die-hard Democrat responded, “Can’t you be both?” His reply has been playing havoc in the back of my mind ever sense so I thought I’d expound upon that for a moment or two.


American politics is a dirty business that doesn’t care whose lives are destroyed so long as they can play the political game to win.


I have noticed a theme for American’s who see themselves as Republicans it’s about self-defense and protecting others and goes to the core of American values and the root of our criminal justice system and the Constitution. They believe in God, family, country, working hard and playing hard. For many it’s about the toys – cars, trucks, guns, boats, fishing, hunting and family picnics.


Republican’s want lower taxes, steady work and freedom to worship God and the ability to protect themselves and their families as they cling to their bibles, guns and the Constitution. They believe in less government involvement so that with hard work and commitment everyone can achieve the American dream.


On the other hand a theme for Americans who see themselves as Democrats it’s about gun control and protecting you from yourself. This thinking goes against American values and directly opposes our criminal justice system. I liken Democrats to Islamic Extremists who figuratively and literally declare war against those who are not like them, making them fair game. The problem with that is when you run out of people who are not like you, then you focus on those like you but who are not you. Think of the school bully or the street gangs who roam around looking for someone upon whom to pounce. The bible says that Satan roams like a roaring lion looking for whom he can devour.


Democrats believe in God or gods, but seem to focus on the toys too. However it’s other people’s toys and how to get them for themselves. We heard that in the recent DNC presidential debates where the candidates all said they were going to raise taxes (and you’d be happy to pay higher taxes) to pay for all the free stuff they were promising. In fact we saw millionaires and billionaires telling us how corrupt millionaires are and they must share their wealth with those who are unable or unwilling to work for their money. One of the big things was free healthcare and education for all. No real plan to pay for the free stuff except to raise taxes even higher. They believe that the American dream is having everything provided for them by the government and it’s free. Failed politicians who endorse failed politics cause division among people. What has been going on in the United States for quite some time has been the use of education and the media to brainwash (if you will) people into submission and acceptance.


You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a bio-nuclear-physicist to see the fallacy of these failed Democratic policies or the success of properly implemented Republican policies. It’s a proven fact that ideas not fully developed or properly implemented should never be instituted in the first place. If you look back through the rearview mirror of history it’s easy to see the result of those failed policies.


There is a huge misconception of socialism, largely supported by liberals, leftists, communists, socialists and in large part by the Democratic Party (DCCC) that ignores historical failures that have befallen literally millions of people around the world, and continue in places like Cuba, Venezuela, China, North Korea and many other countries. The use of terms like social media and social dating become confused with the term Socialism and they are nowhere close.


We have placed too much emphasis on education, yet even or especially the highly educated fall for that which they fail to acknowledge or understand. If you look at what Democrats are promoting as scams it’s easier to see that many are simply something for nothing schemes resulting in obtaining other people’s money and using it for personal gain.


American’s freely give to those in need, while Democrats freely take from those in need so I ask are you a Democrat or an American? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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