The House of Cards is Falling




The House of Cards is Falling


So if you didn’t like my blog about “Democrats or American” then you surely won’t like this one either. We’ve been seeing for well over the past 4 years Americans violating a great many biblical principles and protocols pertaining to good manners.


It is my opinion that Congress has become emboldened by the antics of what I call legislative lobbyists of the racist Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Democratic Caucus and any number of the 242 Congressional Caucuses operating in congress funded by taxpayer dollars beginning during the Nixon administration and against every Republican administration since. Having gained a foothold, the CBC has manipulated legislative power while intertwining various Congressional Caucuses and growing in sufficient numbers to influence the Democratic Party and its values as they steer the ship of legislation away from their role as defined in the Constitution.


Beginning in 2015 there were those who called Donald J. Trump first as presidential candidate, then president-elect and the sitting President of the United States vile names while insinuating a host of untruths and libelous bits of slander using the “leaked” video that would have brought down lesser politicians. Then the trumped up charges of sexual misconduct that never happened yet the damage was done. The false charges of Russian collusion, misuse of presidential powers in the office of President, then the Ukraine phone call that led to the trumped up charges of impeachment because those who brought charges seem to justify it because they didn’t like the “nicknames” Trump has tweeted about various people who enter the political scene. They say Trump is not presidential because they cannot control him.


During two Trump’s SCOTUS confirmation hearings the same failed process was tried on both Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. During the trial phase of the Trump Impeachment Chief Justice Roberts received a veil threat from Rep. Adam Schiff.


While America is dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak and Americans are being fed mis-information bringing things to a head, the recently concerted and public threat of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh by Sen. Chuck Schumer on the steps of the SCOTUS, followed by Tweeter threats by Rep. Ilhan Omar who accused two SCOTUS justices of being Sexual Predators while the court is hearing the case of Rowe versus Wade. Have these Democratic Politian’s fallen off their political rockers? Do they think that bullying and insulting the highest court in the land is the way to go? I think not!


These are among the latest examples of blatant congressional misconduct and ethics violations of epic proportions that must be addressed by congressional ethics committee requiring action that calls for censure and possible dismissal from Congress. The longer they go unchallenged the more emboldened these Democrats become. I see the House of Cards falling! It may be time for a Convention of States where We The People can dissolve Congress and the government and begin anew? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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