When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything




When it Comes to Politics Perception is Everything


We’re being bombarded with information/misinformation/disinformation on a minute by minute basis so much so that we have been desensitized to the real nature of this attack on our sense of hearing and our reading ability. When we read something pertaining to “politics” regardless of being slanted “Democratic” or “Republican” we immediately call what we don’t know or understand as “Fake News”.


You do it; I do it; Congress does it; and yes President Trump does it too!


It’s important to vet your sources so that you don’t get caught up in somebody else’s lies.  I have found that in order to know what President Trump says I watch his live coverage, read his tweets and decide for myself if I agree with him or not. I don’t want some news commentator telling me “what he meant was this……” because as we saw during the impeachment fiasco Rep. Adam Schiff after reading the transcript of the Trump – Ukrainian phone call stood before the body of Congress and without reading or referring to any or all of the transcript said “this is what Trump really said”. It was simply spreading Fake News and nobody has yet to hold him accountable for it.


It’s like members of Congress coming out of a meeting with President Trump and jumping in front of television cameras to tell everyone what the President said behind closed doors. Also the solemn and very private phone call of condolence from President Trump to a recent widow of a US serviceman killed in the service to his country being politicized by Rep. Fredericka Wilson by disclosing portions of that phone call (Why was she even on or near the call in the first place?)


Remember the basketball players caught stealing in China and President Trump intervened with the president of China and they were returned to California? There was no gratitude given to the President or remorse by those caught in the act of stealing or by their parents. The media went wild spreading misinformation about President Trump. The only apology given by the basketball players was under duress by school officials (Not a real apology at all). What happened to them?


What is your impression or perception of President Trump based on? Is he an incompetent, undignified or not presidential enough for you to accept him as the legitimate President? Is your opinion based on firsthand knowledge, legend or lore? If so what have you done to justify your opinion or to get to the bottom of it? Do you watch mainstream television news coverage, daytime talk shows or radio broadcasts? What about social media? Have you accepted “It’s on Facebook so it must be true”? Are you on Twitter? Do you follow @RealDonaldTrump or @POTUS45? If you put yourself in the position of going with what you read on social media without verifying your source material – Shame on You!


Had you followed my blog posts of the past 4 years you would see that I began by belittling and making fun of the Democratic Sport of Never Trumpers and the Liberal Democratic Leftists? Maybe it was my way of coping? I’ve tried to change my tactics in an attempt to expose the real bias coming from the Liberal Left, the Progressive Democratic Party and the Fake News Media. Whether you like or dislike President Trump you are doing yourself a great disservice by ignoring the history being made in our presence by restricting yourself to a campaign of misinformation.


Media sponsored thugs (no longer reporters of the news), but editorialists in disguise want you to believe that President Trump is not a “real” president because he doesn’t act “presidential”.

Is it because he tweets? Other presidents have tweeted from the office of the president.

Is it because he golfs all the time? Well guess what other presidents golfed all the time before him. Many were on the golf course a lot.

Is it because he likes McDonald’s hamburgers and cokes? Well guess what so did other presidents.

Is it because he put his name on many of his properties? Well what have you done well enough that you’d want your name on it for the public to see? (If you do something, do it well enough to assign your name to it.)

Oh I know it’s because he tacks nicknames to his political foes? Well Hello – He’s an entertainer-in-chief.

Yes I know he doesn’t talk like a Christian and that’s fine. He has a specific task and purpose and like the rest of us God is still working on him. How about you?


So I ask you what does “being presidential” even mean?


Condensed from this 2016 article at www.presentingyourself.com:

To be perceived as Presidential, it’s essential to exude “presence,” that indefinable inborn trait of a leader.

Someone has presence when they walk in and immediately command the room.

Do they inspire the confidence of their staff?

Do reporters know they’ll get a straight answer when they’re involved in a crisis?

Once they establish a point of view and message do they stick to it?

Don’t waffle on their points of view on the “wedge” issues like crime, immigration, and national security.

Know what they stand for and stand for what they believe in.

A leader will motivate and inspire the people in the organization.


There are many actors who have played the part, but only a small handful (45) actually became President of the United States. One of the best and worst was Martin Sheen playing the part of Democratic President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing television series 1999 – 2006, in my opinion was the realistic portrayal of a Republican administration by a fictional Democratic President.


In contrast the real life television Mongol and Real Estate tycoon Donald J. Trump was the least likely to succeed by politicians of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. The historical upset of Democratic political favorite Hillary Clinton forever changed the face of American politics as Republican President Donald J. Trump (#45) was inaugurated into office January 20, 2017. There have been only two men, George Washington and Donald Trump, who became President when the nation was in a time of need. They were not perfect men, yet perfect for the job at the time they assumed office.


The upcoming 2020 Presidential election has drawn a host of political hopefuls to challenge the incumbent President. It is my opinion that none of those running for the highest office against President Trump have the drive or determination required. They are simply runners who will tell their posterity that they were among those who challenged President Trump in 2020. Had any of them won that presidential race, they did not have a viable plan, or the wherewithal to take the nation to another plateau. What we have witnessed in our lifetime is a man so committed to the betterment of our nation that he laid aside his money and power and took on the mantle of President with no thought of personal gain simply because he could. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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