Toilet Paper Hoarding How It All Began




Toilet Paper Hoarding How it all Began


It’s all too familiar now the empty shelves and fully loaded shopping carts filled only with toilet paper because of the Coronavirus. What is the connection? Google can be a very telling thing sometimes but you really have to dig for it.


So let us begin back in December when we began hearing of the dreaded Coronavirus originating in Wuhan China. I’m still not sure when the virus was discovered spreading from the meat market in Wuhan or what if any relevance the two biochemical laboratories may have with the virus, but from what I gather from doing a Google search China’s toilet paper factories ship their products throughout Asia and beyond?


In December 2019 it seems the TP factory ceased operation due to workers infected by a virus. As if this wasn’t bad enough, in February 2020 a hapless truck driver in Hong Kong was robbed at knife point of his load of toilet paper before he could unload at a scheduled stop. In March 2020 a video surfaced of two women (40+ years old & 60+ years old) were seen fighting over package of toilet paper. Apparently the video went viral.


Today in stores around the world toilet paper is more valuable than gold. In fact TP hoarding has no other relationship to the Coronavirus outbreak other than people are panicking due to the media and social media coverage of toilet paper shortages. I recently was shopping in Cosco and decided to pick up a package of TP, but found the pallet empty as a woman walked away with 2 packages of TP, while others carried 1 or 2 packages on their shoulders and everyone was looking worried like it was the end of the world. Then I heard the magic words – “There’s more coming out”. Sure enough the man with a forklift brought out another pallet of the white gold. I couldn’t help but notice there were a couple of packages missing before he had even moved the pallet.


While doing my early morning in Safeway I noticed a man walking out carrying 3 packages of TP as he left the store. After obtaining the 3 items I needed and I walked by the shelves I couldn’t help but notice there were only a few packages of TP available. I overheard two employees talking about this TP hording problem and they had no clue and found nothing online either?


Personally if I decide to self-isolate at home I don’t think I’d want to cook up a batch of TP as a stable food source and I wouldn’t waste my money on stockpiling TP unless I was trading a roll for a huge juicy steak or two?


May I suggest going to the CDC.GOV website for update information. So now you know the rest of the story! – I am The Real Truckmaster!


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