What is Your Focus?




What is Your Focus?


As I began reading an email response I had to stop myself. The writer said he’d probably never fit in with our generation and that made me stop and write this, before going any further. I am going to add some input or clarity (if that is possible).


I recently posted that looking through foggy glasses all you see is fog?


That is true as your focus is bases on your environment, those you allow around you, your family, friends and coworkers.


Those who know me may not know how or why Thailand is part of my DNA, in my conversations and Thailand groups not only did I spend a brief 2 ½ years in Thailand 68 – 70, but I brought Thailand home with me after I married a Thai and brought her to the states. I’ve been back many times over the years and always I went to revisit the place of my youth – Camp Khon Kaen, from the mid-1990’s until the mid-2000’s I watched as changes occurred in Thailand. For me the biggest changes became noticeable when I made a final trip out to the old camp and found our footprint had been erased completely. I stopped going out there because a part of me was no longer and my focus changed.


What I want you to see is that maybe you need to change your focus, clean off your foggy glasses and see the world through a new and different light.


The writer began to say that DJT needs to show compassion and not focus on getting re-elected. Clearly someone hasn’t seen where Trumps focus is or has been. I’ve watched as he shows compassion for Americans of many walks of life, different ethnic groups and political parties. Most of that doesn’t appear in the main stream media. What they have done is focusing on a disinformation campaign like we have never seen before in a continual attempt to get Trump out of office or keep him from getting reelected. If you watch those “news” feeds closely you will see that once one person “brands” something negative about Trump, it is parroted on every station and every talk show over and over again.


Let me interject something here. Your comments matter to me. In fact rather than taking the time to write you a personal response, I write my Real Truckmaster Series blogs.  Sometimes I’m serious, other times I’m making fun of what liberals say and do (to make a point). Your comments are largely responsible for many of my RTM blogs. Thank you (seriously)!


Trump is like an octopus fighting on many fronts and has been since 2015 when he announced he was running for President. He took many of the political talking points and turned them into campaign promises. After the inauguration he gathered together politicians from both sides of the isle (both wings of the same chicken) and told him what he’d like them to do bi-partisanly to make America come together. They listened, but did they do it – no. The left began their resistance campaign, aided by RINOs and butt-hurt republicans. Trump has a way of doing that to people who take his jabbing personally. Maybe it’s just his way of counter-punching?


But take the wall. It’s been talked about since Reagan, if not before. Every president has said we need to do something about securing the border. Some did nothing. Others put up a 3 or 4 strand wire fence or some type of flimsy barrier. They lobbied congress, had funds appropriated to do the job but didn’t. What happened to that money? But when Trump said it – BAM! They resisted and we began seeing caravans, protests and even American citizens going into Mexico coaching migrants to claim amnesty. (That’s illegal). Trump has been getting things done in spite of the resistance from the left. To date there are 200 miles of wall already up and it is making a difference in the areas where it has been built.


You talk about compassion, Trump has compassion for those making the trip north to our border and he has put pressure on leaders of Mexico and other Central American nations to secure their borders and prevent these caravans from reaching the US. Offering migrants amnesty in their countries. It has worked, but we still get overwhelmed by those not wanting or able to go through the process legally. So is it more compassionate to do as Obama did, build cages? Or discourage them from beginning the road trip north?


Trump is waging a single-handed war against foreign countries and world based organizations who’ve systematically taken advantage of the US in trade, oil and technology to level the playing field. I truly believe that congress isn’t on board because they have no idea how to do the things Trump has done. They don’t have the vision or the focus. Otherwise they would gather together and begin working together to make America better. Oh they say they are, but action speaks louder than words.


Before I close let me talk about this virus and other things. It began in China in early December 2019. Trump was advised about it when there were only 45 cases reported in China. Congress was bent on impeaching him, yet his focus was on the virus. He and his advisors worked closely to begin monitoring travelers coming in from China, way before he stopped flights from coming in. Upon finding out there were insufficient supplies of PPE, Trump began working with private industry to convert assembly lines into PPE production. Who else had ever done something like that since Roosevelt during WWII? So while the Democratic leftists in Congress try to destroy Trump with some trumped up charges, his focus is on dealing with the virus.


As the virus became a national focus Trump could have used executive orders to try and force states to do what he and his advisors said was the proper thing to do, but he put it on the governors. Their states their decision, but with federal guidance and as we know and understand more about the virus the push to social distance, stay at home, wear masks, get tested and so on – all that has been changing, morphing as we go along. Again Trump could “order” governors to open up, but again it’s their states, their decisions. That way the left can’t blame him for shutting down or opening up states because it’s their states, their decisions.


Through all this Trump has taken no salary (donated each quarter back to government agencies for specific causes). He has taken a tremendous personal financial hit as president. The media has been the action arm of the political left, spreading misinformation and attacking anyone associated with or ever having known Trump.


The Obama administration weaponized various agencies during the 8 years of Obama. They have been running cover as the Deep State and done so with impunity until now. Every time Trump fires an Obama era political appointee, the left goes off. Trump appoints someone – they drag their feet approving a replacement. Trump has thrown many a curve ball and they didn’t see it coming. But when Trump appoints a temporary replacement the left tries to deflect him away from his purpose by intimidation and threats, even issuing letters to stop doing what Trump has him doing.


Just a few days ago while in front of a media camera Pelosi said “One things for sure, Trump will not be president in 2021, one way or another.” So what does that tell you? The Democrats are focusing once again on Impeachment 2.0 in an attempt to prevent him from making it to November.


It is important for Trump to be re-elected in order to clean out the Obama administration’s corruption in government and begin bringing guilty people to justice. American voters need to do the same in November – clean out corrupt politicians of both parties. The Democrats have run phony campaigns to amass delegates, but always they have something up their sleeve. Is it a coincidence that Biden ended up the supposed nominee-elect? With his dementia or Alzheimer’s very apparent, I think not.


In closing, liberals look in the mirror and cry foul and conservatives see the mirror for what it is a reflection.


Liberals accuse others of what they themselves are doing. Conservatives say – open your eyes!


Christians know that what God puts in motion cannot be stopped until HIS plan has been accomplished.


Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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