When Protesting is no Longer Peaceful

George R Floyd 2020



When Protesting is no Longer Peaceful


The death of George Floyd was murder at the hands of a bad cop. Protesting this senseless act of violence was and is the right thing to do and every American should demand justice for the death of this man. A right is protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.


As the cell phone video spread across the internet and on local and national news outlets Americans went from initial shock to anger.  Even before the facts were made public the character of George Floyd was being slandered and the Minneapolis Police Department’s official press release gave a false narrative that did not match with what we clearly saw.


From the White House President Trump condemned the actions of the police that led to the death of George Floyd. Other public figures spoke out against that act of violence as well and still others began passing judgement over all police officers for the act of one bad cop.


With the precision of a surgeon domestic terrorist groups (Antifa & BLM) pounced on the unsuspecting city of Minneapolis and on the nation by organizing, enabling , facilitating (food and shelter) plus transporting trained and paid teams to infiltrate the peaceful protests that began popping up across the nation.


Almost immediately what had been peaceful protests turned into rioting mobs attacking innocent bystanders, shop keepers and anyone who got in the way. Followed quickly by looters who destroyed public and private property and took what they could carry away and into waiting vehicles. Thus far more than innocent 15 people have killed, murdered in tribute to what happened to George Floyd.


As the violence began to escalade and increase in intensity there were calls for President Trump to intervene with military troops. Instead, the President called for state governors to activate National Guard troops in order to dominate the violence on the streets where rioters and looters were running wild and clearly a danger to public safety. Some governors took action to activate National Guard and deploy them to potential hot spots thereby stopping the violence. Governors who failed to act, simply yielded to public pressure and began locking arms with the protestors and in essence with the violent terrorists scattered in their midst.


Compound these political hot spots of civil unrest and lawlessness with the loss of jobs and freedom to freely move about due to the COVID-19 situation across the nation and you have a potential powder keg about to explode.


Taking advantage of the American public and the government’s inability to quell the unrest, there have been organized aggressive assaults on federal institutions, government buildings and police officers and vehicles. Many of those responsible have not been brought to justice. The ones arrested and charged for looting and rioting simply walks out of jail without so much as a criminal record.


Those responsible and their lackeys in the media claim that the destruction of property is not a crime because it can be replaced. Not such claim can be said for loss of life. Businesses struggling to reopen have been permanently closed. These are no longer peaceful protests and those who say different are lying.


Organized tactical assaults on law enforcement, city and state facilities with loss of innocent lives are criminal offenses and must be stopped quickly before these acts of domestic terrorism become worse.


We have witnessed personal assaults on men and women unable to defend themselves not by peaceful protestors but by domestic terrorists. This is a dangerous movement that has spread faster than the COVID-19 virus.


As much of the violence goes unopposed in democratically controlled cities and states and elected officials not only condone the violence but when it’s within their power (constitutionally or otherwise) the ultimately hinder law enforcement and side with the terrorist groups.


I blame elected officials who pledged to protect and serve, but instead pander and grovel at the feet of the terrorists making a mockery of our American way of life.


When I see military units on their knees before these violent terrorists I’m reminded of the sailors taken captive by Iran a few years ago and given orders not to resist. And when I watch military police units in formation dancing in the streets do I think they are defusing the situation or simply being played?


Politicians, governors, mayors and police chiefs taking a knee or joining arm in arm with protest groups while carrying BLM signs convey signs of weakness and that is not lost on the terror organizers. It reminds me of the “apology tour” by then newly elected President Obama as he bowed and kowtowed before foreign leaders in 2009 and during the 8 years of his administration.


If one truly believed “Black Lives Matter” the black on black violent assaults and murders would simply stop. There would be no more sanctioned murder by abortion of black babies at abortion clinics across our nation. One would have to conclude that ALL LIVES MATTER and in the words of Rodney King – “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” (Look it up) – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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