Defund the Police and What Happens Next?



Defund the Police and What Happens Next?


The slogan surfacing from the ashes of protest marches with violent rioting and looting seems to be catching on in democratically controlled cities in America. Minneapolis city council voted to dismantle their entire police force after the recent killing of George Floyd by a bad cop. In Michigan a police chief was forced to resign for supporting citizens exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Nearly 20 police officers have been killed by violent domestic terrorists and murders in the past week alone. The FBI is investigating connections in these killings with domestic terrorists. Mayors in major cities have called for police to stand down in the face of terrorist acts seemingly not to upset the violent factions in their cities. In one city a lone 30 people were gunned down over this past weekend, as were more cops. Sometimes it seems that turning off the television and staying away from social media will stop all the nonsense but it just continues.


What is being overlooked by these citizen politicians when they don’t project out past the end of their local police force disappearing is what or who will fill in the gap. With no police force, where does the safety of citizens come into play?


Does county or state law enforcement step in? What happens when city council members realize they have no say in how lawlessness will be dealt with? For elected officials making hasty and unwise decisions will undoubtedly affect their reelection in both the primary and national elections.


Has anyone thought about alternate consequences like religious enforcement teams randomly trying to enforce sharia law in America or the DOJ will sweep in with federal level law enforcement at the FBI level? What about state governors stepping up to the plate and activating the National Guard to restore and/or maintain law and order in certain areas?


An extreme would be the President declaring Marshal Law and using the 82nd Airborne Division, the 101st Airborne Division, the 10th Mountain Division or virtually the entire United States Armed Forces – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Space Force to patrol the streets with tanks, helicopters and armed military patrols.


One should really think through the consequences of their actions or get completely out of local politics because now even roving gangs and thugs like Antifa and Black Lives Matters or the Arian Nation may be and unforeseen consequence as this idiocy continues to fester unchecked in cities across America.


Today’s video game army who kill and get killed but live to fight another day have much to learn about trying their luck in the real world where dead is dead.


This nation was founded long before there were organized police forces taming the Wild, Wild West and American armed militia served up home style defenses. We have an overwhelming number of military veterans who are trained, armed and willing to step in and defend the Constitution and our American way of life. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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