Desperately Wrong on the Left



Desperately Wrong on the Left


Politically we have been watching leftists Democrats doing all the wrong things in their bid to stop the loss of minority voters and should have learned from the historical mistakes of others before them. Albeit that is not the case with politicians of today who continue using all of the scare tactics of the past like racial shaming (black shaming if you will) of those who dare to walk away from the Democratic Party. Failing that come name calling (Uncle Tom and worse) or guilt tripping designed as stop-loss measures before bringing out the big guns in music and entertainment to condemn those who don’t return to the political plantation. By now a percentage of the African-American voters are unable to resist the insults or the guilt and turn back, but not all. In fact coming out of the political closet can be as liberating as the fresh air outside the constraints of political correctness.


I pay little attention to events unfolding in the chambers of either house of Congress unless something spectacular or exotic garners my attention such as the public display orchestrated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her faithful sidekick Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer with notable members of both chambers.


In light of the events of the killing of George Floyd it became necessary to return America’s focus back to House Democrats and their resistance movement against President Trump and all he stands for – American freedom.


I wasn’t surprised by this latest photo op of Congressional Democrats donning traditional African fabric cloths and coming into the rotunda of the nation’s capital and taking a knee in support of the peaceful protest for Mr. Floyd. As it appeared to me this was African garb a mere prop, at the urging of the Congressional Black Caucus to publically show support, when in fact it came across as something akin to putting on blackface for a minstrel show.


I came across this tweet by an African lady who seemed to vindicate my thoughts and support my initial feelings after watching some outtakes of the festivities and I urge you to take a look for yourself.


The 1st Amendment – The right to free speech and peaceful protest to bring our grievance to the government, carries with it great responsibility to define the grievance and present positive and meaningful recommendations to correct the wrong. There are responsibilities to uphold the Constitution and the rights of others guaranteed by the Constitution. There are no rights for violence, rioting, looting or murder guaranteed in the Constitution. It is the responsibility for everyone to shut down the violence and to support law enforcement charged with maintaining law and order.


I heard and saw talk about the demonstrations springing up across the nation, but very few Democratic politicians spoke up against the violence. There was little to no condemnation of the burning, looting and murders that have occurred as a result. There have been wanton vandalism and destruction of public and private property where violators seem to do with impunity. Laws being broken on purpose and prosecution waived in areas controlled primarily by Democratic politicians.


Someone can support the peaceful protests and present the argument for change while condemning the violence and ensuring those responsible are identified and brought to justice under the law. Failure to do so may result in someone being charged as an accessory after the fact.


The actions of a few at the top of the Democratic Party seem to be that of condoning the violence and urging it to continue after all “it’s only property and can be replaced”!


It is not “only property” as the lives and livelihood of innocent people have been affected and changed forever as violence and murder in the form of public executions and assaults on law enforcement and on the general public continue to escalate in certain areas.


When you see something – Say something. More importantly BE THE CHANGE! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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