Political Correctness is the Cancer



Political Correctness is the Cancer


Why Americans can’t see past all the smoke and mirrors or as President George H.W. Bush called “Shock and Awe”?  What we have been seeing across the nation is not nor has it ever been about police brutality or the death of anyone at the hands of police. The rioting, looting and tearing down of statues or monuments, the offensive names from cereals, sports teams or cartoon figures have everything to do with destroying American confidence in our culture and our way of life in the US.


What brazenly began in Portland over the past few years sprang into opportunity in Minneapolis with the killing of George Floyd testing Americas resolve and feeding on fear and unbridled rioting, looting, destruction of private and public property, the injuring and taking of innocent lives as simply collateral damage?


This entire process has been preplanned using domestic terrorist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc. inside the US and organized with foreign state actors. I fear incidents such as these were put into effect during the Obama administration but on a smaller scale so as not to draw attention or alarm anyone. One of a co-founder of the BLM Foundation met a number of times with President Obama in the White House. More recently that same BLM Foundation co-founder met with Marxists agents in Venezuela before these tactics were put into action using triggers of race and police brutality to cause massive anger that could be channeled into civil unrest and allowed to take root in inner cities across the nation.


It is no coincidence that politicians in democratically controlled sanctuary cities and states literally opened their arms and their cities to allow demonstrations, rioting and looting that resulted in the injuring and killing of innocent citizens and allowed the creation of “autonomous zones” where residents and business owners alike were subject to extortion, intimidation and fear of their very lives.


Mayors and Governors in these cities and states have buckled under pressure from the domestic terrorists, began hamstringing and hogtying state and local law enforcement by passing heavily restricted policies on police officers while letting and encouraging law breaking to continue. This has led to the massive and open tearing down of statues and monuments which document elements of American history. These elected officials have not learned that violence begets violence and like a snowball rolling downhill, if not stopped will consume everything in its path.


I’m at a loss for words as our federal, state and local elected officials have chosen to remain silent or worse sided with the lawlessness in the name of social justice making them poster children of “Useful Idiots” who would amputate their own cranium if they thought it would stop American voters from re-electing President Donald Trump in November. So desperate are they to topple the Trump presidency that sacrificing an entire nation by trashing the Constitution they each swore to protect and defend.


It matters not whether you are a conservative or a liberal, a democrat, republican or independent (unaffiliated). What matters is whether you as an American voter will condone or condemn the violent actions occurring in our nation. There is no middle ground. Voting is your opportunity to make a difference to save our nation or to end its existence all together.


The plan of these Marxists and domestic terrorist lead organizations is simple – destroy the American way of life, the American dream and repeat what was done to Venezuela, Cuba and other countries that were once thriving and prosperous nations. They are counting on voters to stay home or worse to vote for the same corrupt elected officials. They are counting on Americans to do the cowardly thing and stop resisting this civil unrest that will destroy this nation. What these domestic terrorists do not count on is Americans standing up as we have done for well over 240 years to protect ourselves and our families, our faith and our nation from oppression and aggression by every means at our disposal.


Americans have taken a knee many times over the years as they have asked the Almighty to give us the strength to endure and persevere through trying times that have overcome others. We ask for guidance and vision to resist and overcome evil. We thank God for a warrior, a sword to the spirit of political correctness that will stop evil in its tracks. We thank God for a president who is not fearful or easily intimidated, yet remains focused on the tasks you have given him for we know it is not for us to ask that you be on our side. We ask only that we are on God’s side as no force that comes against us can stand. For God nothing is impossible! – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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